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Mortal Kombat on HBO Max: How to Stream It Outside the US?


By using a trustworthy VPN service like ExpressVPN, you may now watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max outside of the US on March 8, 2023.

There are license restrictions on HBO Max, and foreign users cannot access its programming. But, you can now stream HBO Max outside of the US with the use of a dependable VPN because it will alter your local IP address and make material available in your area.

Mortal Kombat’s inaugural tournament pits fighters from the Earthrealm and Outworld against one another. In the first game, Raiden commands the Earthrealm forces. They have to beat the Outworld warriors if they’re going to prevent Shang Tsung from occupying Earthrealm and establishing his rule over it.

For anyone living outside the US who wants to watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max, we have provided a simple guide.

How do Watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max outside the US? [Easy Steps]

The 5 actions listed below must be taken in order to watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max outside of the United States:

  • Get yourself a VPN subscription. ExpressVPN is the service we advise using.
  • Connect to a VPN after registering.
  • Put in your credentials here.
  • Establish a link to a server in the United States, we prefer New York.
  • Start Mortal Kombat streaming by going to HBO Max and doing a search for the title.
Watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max with ExpressVPN

Where To Watch Mortal Kombat 2021 outside the US?

Mortal Kombat’s entire program will be available for streaming on HBO Max. Due to restrictions, you won’t be able to get HBO Max if you’re looking for it outside of the US.

With the aid of a VPN service for HBO Max, such as ExpressVPN, you can get around all the limitations by making it appear as though you are viewing HBO Max from the US by changing your local IP address to one in the US.

 Mortal Kombat

A number of worldwide online video stores, including Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, and others, also offer Mortal Kombat for rent or buy.

Also, new customers of any of these providers are entitled to a free seven-day trial of HBO Max. There is no danger in joining up just to watch the first season of Mariachis online because you can cancel your HBO Max membership at any time after the trial period has ended.

What time does Mortal Kombat come out on HBO Max?

Mortal Kombat will debut on HBO Max on March 8, 2023, according to Collider.

Digital video-on-demand (SVD) services like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, and others offer the movie for rent or buy. You can get HBO Max on the PS4 and Chrome users can access HBO Max on Chromecast if they’re using ExpressVPN to stream Mortal Kombat.

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What is Mortal Kombat about?

Mortal Kombat is a video game franchise where warriors from Earth and the Outworld engage in savage combat. The 1992 video game adaptation’s story revolves around a competition of martial artists from Earthrealm who have to defeat the forces of Outworld to save their land.

The success of the game’s cast of characters, each of whom has their own unique set of abilities and skills, has led to the production of numerous television series, motion pictures, and other types of media. The series has become legendary in and of itself thanks to the series’ brutalities and deaths as well as its iconic score.

Who is in the cast of Mortal Kombat 2021?

The Mortal Kombat 2021 cast consists of:

Real name Character name Real name Character name
Lewis tan Cole Young Sisi Stringer Mileena
Jessica McNamee Soniya Blade Mel Jerson Nitara
Jost Lawson Kano Nathan Jones Reiko
Joe Taslim Bi Han / Sub Zero Daniel Nelson Kabal
Mehcad Brooks Jax Ian Streetz Ramirez
Matilda Kimber Emily Yukiko Shinohara Harumi Hasashi
Laura Brent Allison Ren Miyagawa Satoshi Jubei Hasashi
Tadanobu Asano Lord Raiden Mia Hall Hasashis baby
Hiroyuki Sanada Hanzo Hasashi / Scorpion Alice Nassery Shang Tsung Elite Guard
Chi Han Shang Tsung Kris McQuade Cargo Plane Pilot
Ludi Lin Liu Kang David Field Referee
Max Huang Kung Lao Angus Sampson Goro (voice)

Is there a Trailer for Mortal Kombat on HBO Max?

You can watch the trailer for the television program Mortal Kombat to get a preview of what to expect.

Below is a link to the trailer for your convenience.

ExpressVPN is your best option if you want to unblock HBO Max from anywhere outside of the US. Very quick connections, an abundance of servers (approximately 25 in the US alone), and strong censorship protection are just a few of its many enticing qualities.

It offers a variety of streaming and security choices, a tonne of readily available servers, and lightning-fast bandwidth. You can still use MediaStreamer to get around geographic restrictions even if your device doesn’t already have a VPN client installed (Smart DNS).

You’ll have a lot of alternatives with over 3000 servers in over 94 countries. Major locations like New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle are home to some of the best server infrastructure in the entire globe, including ExpressVPN. Moreover, support for five concurrent connections is provided.

This US-based VPN is a good choice for getting access to US Netflix and HBO content because it has features like a kill switch, DNS leak protection, split tunneling, and no activity recording.

This VPN service costs US$ 6.67 per month; with a 12-month contract, you can save 49% and get 3 more months for free. All software purchases have a 30-day refund period, and customers may get 24/7 online support for any problems when watching HBO Max on an LG TV.

You may join whenever it is most convenient for you and check out ExpressVPN‘s hassle-free trial period to see what all the fuss is about.

The Cast of Mortal Kombat 2

Money-back guarantee for 30 days

Real name Character name
Hiroyuki Sanada Hanzo Hasashi / Scorpion
Mehcad Brooks Jax
Lewis Tan Cole Young
Jessica McNamee Sonya Blade
Tabanonbu Asano Lord Raiden
Joe Taslim Bi Han / Noob Saibot
Chin Han Shang Tsung
Ludi Lin Liu Kang

Is there gonna be a Mortal Kombat 2?

The Mortal Kombat 2 cast consists of:

Yes! There is actually a new Mortal Kombat game in development. The premiere is slated for 2023, and the news was made in January 2022.

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Why can t I find Mortal Kombat on HBO Max?

The sequel will be directed by Simon McQuoid, while Jeremy Slater will write the script. Even while we don’t know much about the story, we do know that a considerably larger ensemble of video game characters will be there.

It’s possible that the reason Mortal Kombat isn’t appearing for you on HBO Max is that your device isn’t compatible with the service. To find out which devices work with the service, go to the HBO Max website.

Movies Like Mortal Kombat on HBO Max

Also, it’s possible that Mortal Kombat is unavailable in your nation or that the service has removed the movie from its database. Mortal Kombat may be found at HBO Max, and if you’ve looked everywhere and still can’t find it, their customer service team will be pleased to assist you.


Wrapping Up

There is a tonne of fantastic movies and TV shows on HBO Max. On HBO Max, similar programs and motion pictures to Mortal Kombat include:

We trust that you now have the information you needed to watch Mortal Kombat on HBO Max outside of the US. To watch HBO Max, all you need is a VPN provider, such as ExpressVPN.

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