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Don’t Have Sound on One AirPod? Fixing a Single Non-functioning AirPod!


Apple electronics are noted for their reliability and user-friendliness. As a whole, there are some good and some bad. AirPods may have revolutionized the headphones market, but they aren’t without their own set of problems.

The ability to last a long time is one of them. Because of their many flaws, AirPods don’t last very long. It’s nearly impossible to kick back and unwind while watching a movie or listening to music with only one Airpod.

The full stereo sound quality that AirPods are capable of is yours for the asking, and they don’t come cheap.

Exactly Why Is One of Your Air Pods Malfunctioning?

left airpod not working

There are a number of potential outcomes when your AirPods stop working:

-When Using only One Air Pod, There Is No Sound.

If only one Airpod is producing sound, the problem often lies with the volume or audio settings. Sometimes the sound quality is compromised because dirt or debris has accumulated in the earphone mesh.

-Disconnecting Air Pod on One Side:

One of your AirPods probably can’t find your device because your firmware or operating system is out of date. If you have many active Bluetooth connections, it’s also possible that your Network Settings need to be reset.

-There’s only One Air Pod that Won’t Charge:

It’s possible that one of your AirPods is entirely dead and needs some time to recharge if it isn’t picking up a charge from the charging case. It’s also possible that the earbuds’ charging case won’t have enough power to fully recharge them. Other times, you might need to clean the charging connectors.

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Only One of My Air Pods Is Operational Right Now

left airpod not working


AirPods can be damaged quickly because of a number of factors. In the same way that headphones can break in only one ear, the same is true of earbuds. Fixes are given below from easiest to most difficult; attempt them in that order.

1. Check Battery Status.

If only one of your AirPods won’t turn on, a dead battery is probably to blame.

Even if you charge both of your AirPods at the same time, one of them may run out of power before the other.

The battery life of your AirPods may be checked by looking at the widget on your device’s home screen.

2. Dust off those AirPods.

Due to the buildup of muck, it may be unable to hear the audio from one of your AirPods. Anything from lint to dust to earwax fits that description. If the AirPods’ speakers appear clogged, you should check the batteries and clean them.

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3. Put Bluetooth to Use or Not.

It’s possible that the audio isn’t being transmitted correctly from your device to your AirPods. Then it’s probably time to reset Bluetooth.

To turn Bluetooth on or off on an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > slide the Bluetooth slider to the off position (white), wait a few seconds, and then slide it back to the on position (green).

left airpod not working

4. You Should Try Restarting Your Gadget.

The chances of restarting and fixing the issue are low, but it’s easy and fast to attempt.

In many cases, an issue can be temporarily fixed by simply restarting the device in question. If your iPhone or iPad is acting up, try rebooting it.

5. Air Pods Can Be Easily Unpaired and Re-Paired.

To erase the connection between your iOS device and your AirPods, head to your iPhone’s, iPad’s, or iPod touch’s Bluetooth settings, hit the I icon next to your headphones, and then tap Forget This Device.

Taking the AirPods out of your device in this way will accomplish that. Place the AirPods in their case, press and hold the button on the case, and then proceed with the on-screen setup.

6. Perform a Factory Reset on Your Air Pods.

Hard resetting your AirPods is worth a go if nothing else has helped. To unpair and re-pair your AirPods, proceed as described above.

You need to press and hold the AirPods case button for roughly 15 seconds until the light alternates between amber and white flashes. Then release your grip and proceed as directed.

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