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Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand – Check Out Now


While I do love the beautiful leather covers and crystal clear cases, I always prefer to have a kickstand case on hand, especially when I’m on the road. With a built-in stand, it’s easier to prop up the iPhone to achieve desirable viewing angles for Netflix streaming or video calling. Aside from being a great travel companion, kickstand cases are also very dependable when it comes to providing the necessary protection against drops and scratches. These 10 finest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro cases withstand are more likely to win you over if you value these features as well.

Best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Kickstand Cases (2022)

Because the design of the back camera module differs, I’ve listed stand cases separately for the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. Each case was chosen based on three criteria: design, durability, and kickstand capability. Clear cases with built-in stands should be your first choice if you want the best of both worlds (style and protection).

If you’re looking for extra protection, go for the heavy-duty cases. The robust coverings are less fashionable and add some heft to the smartphone, but they provide unmatched shock protection. A ring holder case would be a better option if you want a cover with a better grip.

Cases for iPhone 13 with Stand

  • Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Spigen is the best in the business when it comes to making high-quality cases at a reasonable price. Ultra Hybrid S has a clean profile and is designed to be a form-fitting companion for the iPhone 13. (available for iPhone 13 Pro as well). The case’s sturdy hybrid structure (hard PC and soft TPU) provides the necessary cushion to withstand low-volume impact while also preventing scratches.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

Elevated lips on the Ultra Hybrid S keep the dual-camera module and the 6.1-inch screen off the flat surface. Aside from providing protection, the integrated kickstand allows you to use your iPhone in both portrait and landscape modes. As a result, you may anticipate it enhancing your viewing experience. You’ll also have a stronghold thanks to the smooth bumper. Overall, the Ultra Hybrid S is one of the best kickstand cases for the iPhone 13 on the market.

  • ESR Kickstand Case (Metal)

The ESR metal kickstand case is a snug-fit companion to the iPhone 13 with its clear and compact design (and iPhone 13 Pro). The casing, which is made of a strong PC rear panel and an impact-resistant polymer frame, can also withstand mild impacts and scratches. To keep the camera and the pricey display from colliding with a flat surface.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

The frame plays an important function in providing an anti-slip grip thanks to the soft polymer substance. The kickstand is composed of high-quality aluminum and allows for numerous viewing angles (up to 60 degrees). Furthermore, the ESR metal case fully supports wireless charging, so you won’t have to go through the trouble of removing the cover before using a wireless charger.

  • Slimline Encased

Are you looking for a high-quality belt-clip case that also serves as a kickstand cover? If so, Encased Slimline might be a good option. Slimline has a retractable belt clip that allows you to carry your smartphone safely. You may also get several viewing angles (vertical and horizontal) with the included stand.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

Slimline, unlike other belt-clip-cum kickstand cases, does not appear bulky. It fits easily in the palm thanks to the ergonomic design and rubberized finish. The case contains accurate cutouts that allow for easy access to the connections and speaker grills. Slimline has you covered as a robust kickstand case at an affordable price of $14.

  • MagStand Pro by VRS Design

The full compatibility with MagSafe and most wireless chargers distinguishes the VRS MagStand Pro from other cases. Due to the fact that only a few kickstand cases support MagSafe, you should keep MagStand Pro (also available for 13 Pro) in mind if you want to use MagSafe charges. Aside from that, it boasts a muscular body that can easily tolerate minor bumps.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

MagStand Pro comes with a strong kickstand that supports both portrait and landscape configurations, enhancing your media streaming and video calling experience. Furthermore, the rough sides provide a firm grip that might help prevent falls. Though the MagStand Pro is a little on the pricey side at $30, you can’t go wrong with the superb build and convenient kickstand functionality.

  • Cosmo Snap by i-Blason

Cosmo Snap (also available for iPhone 13 Pro) by i-Blason is all about class. So, if you’re looking for a case to boost your smartphone’s stylish quotient, Cosmo Snap could be the correct pick. The case is made of beautiful soft TPU material and has a smart form factor. It also has an anti-slip grip.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

Furthermore, the Cosmo Snap from i-Blason has a built-in ring holder that allows you to grab your iPhone securely. This function will be really useful when you’re on a selfie-taking binge. Not only that, but the ring holder also functions as a kickstand, allowing you to prop up your device in a variety of positions. Cosmo Snap’s architecture isn’t strengthened, but it has adequate protection under the hood to withstand slight stress.

  • Spigen Tough Armor

Spigen Tough Armor is a good candidate because it can provide a reliable impact shield without making the iPhone 13 Pro (or iPhone 13) bulky. So, if you’re looking for a case that’s extremely protective but not too bulky, Tough Armor can be a good option. The case is built with a durable dual-layer design (hard PC and shock-absorbing TPU). It’s also fully prepared to give an increased defense against accidental drops and scratches, thanks to higher bezels that protect the screen and the triple-camera module.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

Tough Armor also includes a reinforced kickstand, allowing you to use your smartphone in landscape mode for a more convenient media viewing experience. The case also has a greater grip thanks to the anti-slip surface, which can help prevent unwanted slip-offs. The large buttons are tactile, and the exact cutouts provide for simple access to the ports and speakers.

  • Torras MoonClimber

Torras MoonClimber has checked off all the crucial boxes to justify serious consideration, with a modern-looking design and a robust stand. It’s built of anti-yellowing material, unlike other inexpensive clear cases. As a result, you can count on the MoonClimber to keep its clarity for a long time.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

Aside from the design, MoonClimber can also deliver on the protection front. You won’t have to worry about accidental drops thanks to the shockproof design. Furthermore, the robust sides are gripping in the hand, and the large buttons are snappy. The built-in kickstand is made of metal and has three distinct viewing angles (0 to 60 degrees), which is a huge benefit in terms of flexibility. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best iPhone 13 kickstand cases (available for iPhone 13 as well).

  • ESR iPhone 13 Pro Metal Kickstand Case

For the iPhone 13 Pro, the ESR metal kickstand cover is ideal. It includes a reinforced two-way stand that lets you use your iPhone horizontally or vertically, making it ideal for watching films and conducting FaceTime conversations. Raised borders surrounding the display and the camera bump protect your iPhone 13 Pro from scratches and scuffs, while reinforced air corners ensure enhanced drop protection.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

The cover is available in two colors: black and clear, for those who wish to show off their iPhone’s color.

  • Torras MarsClimber

TORRAS’ MarsClimber is another kickstand case. It has a higher level of protection than the MoonClimber. The MarsClimber has an extremely tough chassis and a clear rear panel that allows the smartphone’s design to shine.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

The shockproof casing, according to TORRAS, provides 6FT of military-grade protection. Without delving too far into the weeds, I’d say it has the strength to withstand even the most vexing of bumps. Another feature worth mentioning is the kickstand, which can be used in both vertical and horizontal configurations. MarsClimber, on the other hand, features precise cuts and tactile buttons that should provide the necessary responsive feedback.

  • Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is number ten.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series is a good option if you want a heavy-duty kickstand cover for your iPhone 13 Pro (also available for iPhone 13). Multiple levels of protection are provided by the impact-resistant frame and padded edges of the Unicorn Beetle Pro. The case includes a built-in screen protector for added protection against drops and scratches, which is still another bonus if you want an uncompromised shield against unforeseen damage.

Latest iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Cases with Stand - Check Out Now

Unicorn Beetle Pro also comes with an optional swiveling belt clip holster that lets you carry your iPhone safely. It’s a great companion for your trips thanks to the hip holster. When you add in a convenient built-in stand, the Unicorn Beetle Pro appears to tick all the boxes in terms of ruggedness. It’s priced at $24 and comes in three attractive color combinations: cerulean, reddish, and black.

We’ve compiled a list of the best iPhone 13 and 13 Pro kickstand cases for you.

So there you have it: our comprehensive list of the best kickstand covers for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. We’ve included a range of kickstand cases, including a couple with ring holders on the back that doubles as a kickstand and also let you hold your iPhone comfortably when scrolling through Instagram or Twitter. So, which case do you intend to purchase? Please let us know in the comments section.

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