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Fact Checking Policy

Due to the proliferation of false information online, it is incumbent upon us to verify any claims made. When reporting on a controversial subject, this is always our main focus.

The Precision Of Our Writing Is Essential To Us

The confidence of one’s readers or viewers is the single most important factor for every news outlet. The only way to earn and keep people’s trust is to cover the news in a way that is accurate, fair, and balanced.

It is crucial that We keep working hard to guarantee the highest level of accuracy throughout all of Our content. To us, “due correctness” means not merely the accuracy of the necessary qualifications but also the precision that is fundamentally satisfying.

We consider things like the nature of the material being delivered, the background of the target audience, and any other relevant context details in our pursuit of precision. Every time we publish the news, we do our best to provide a narrative that is both factual and supported by the people most directly affected by the story. 

We investigate claims skeptically, test hypotheses, and question accepted knowledge. Despite our best efforts, we recognize that some questions will always remain unanswered. However, the rigor with which one must verify details in soft stories versus hard stories varies.

For instance, a story that aims to positively portray the activities of an NGO would require a different set of sources than one that aimed to dig into the organization.

We Adhere To The Following Standards To Ensure The Reliability Of Our Content:

Any news or analysis we air has been thoroughly checked to ensure its veracity and accuracy. If we are unable to independently verify a story, we must properly credit the platform from where it originated.