What To Stream This Weekend

Looking for something to watch this weekend? Are you inundated with streaming services, cable channels, and a backlog of movies? Well, wonder no more. We here at Vivaraenews.com watch our fair share of entertainment and have some recommendations for what you should check out. Come back each week for a fresh selection of recommendations!

Peacemaker (HBO Max)

James Gunn’s DC superhero series is a spin-off of 2021’s The Suicide Squad but works so much better than that feature film. Featuring John Cena reprising his role as Christopher Smith, this series is a deep dive into the psyche of a psychologically troubled individual who means well but cannot get past his broken sensibilities. With a solid supporting cast and tons of callbacks to DC Comics canon and feature films, this is the funniest show I have seen featuring a superhero and may rival The Boys, Deadpool, and anything Gunn has made to this point.

Wolf Like Me (Peacock)

This new series is being billed as a horror-comedy but it is truly a romantic drama that just happens to have two funny actors in the lead roles. Josh Gad and Isla Fisher have great chemistry as two people who fall in love but have to deal with the secret she has hidden from the world. There is just enough of a twist to this story that will keep you engaged, but the brief six-episode series is perfect for binging. Whether you love romance or horror, this series has something for you, but you will stay for the excellent acting.

After Life (Netflix)

Ricky Gervais’ elegaiac series about grief, loss, and moving on is an emotional journey but one that makes great use of the comedian’s brutal honesty and razor-sharp wit. This season finds him on a journey to scatter his father’s ashes which brings his lingering depression over his wife’s death back to the forefront. As touching as it is funny, this is a great series to reset any of your feelings about the world.

Archive 81 (Netflix)

James Wan produced this series inspired by the podcast of the same name. Presented as a story within a story with found footage elements, Archive 81 is a supremely creepy and unsettling story about paranoia. There are cults, creepy statues, ghosts, mysteries, and more to unfold in this eight-part series that will have you keeping the lights on all night as you watch it.

Hotel Translyvania: Transformania (Prime Video)

With Adam Sandler no longer in the cast, I doubt this movie will come anywhere close to the first three films. But, this franchise really isn’t for the adults anyway. A good animated film can feature enough for kids and their parents to enjoy but I think this film may be strictly for the preschool crowd. Regardless, it is coming to Prime so at least you don’t have to sit in a theater for this one.

The House (Netflix)

Netflix has not pushed this animated series very hard, but the unique stop motion animation looks very cool and unlike most of what we see on the small screen these days. I hesitate to call this a horror story, but The House does look pretty damn creepy. With some talented directors on board, this could end up an ongoing anthology. Netflix could turn itself into a destination for experimental filmmaking like this, so hopefully people tune in.

Ray Donovan: The Movie (Showtime)

After being unceremoniously canceled a couple of years ago, David Hollander and Liev Schrieber have written the final chapter in the ongoing story of fixer Ray Donovan and his troubled relationship with his father, Mickey (Jon Voight). Structured as a feature film, this seems more like an extended finale episode that also has some flashbacks to explain the origins of how these two people became the adults we saw in the series. Fans have been waiting a long time to see how this story ends and now they can finally close the book on Ray Donovan.

The Tragedy of Macbeth (AppleTV+)

The first solo directorial film from Joel Coen without any involvement from his brother, this adaptation of Shakespeare’s royal tragedy is a haunting and beautiful masterpiece. Denzel Washington is astounding as the titular monarch and Frances McDormand is his iconic wife. Together, their rise and fall make for one of the most enthralling adaptations of the Scottish Play ever put to film. Expect lots of awards for this movie and now you can watch it from your living room.

If you have any recommendations you think we missed or have some feedback on our selections, let us know in the comments below.

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