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Best Shows on Amazon Prime: Shows You Can Watch Without Having to Pay for Another Subscription!


From the comeback of Kids in the Hall last week to the violent thriller The Wilds, which just released its second season, Amazon Prime Video has a steady stream of new shows coming out all the time. However, Amazon also has a large collection of older content, ranging from 1970s sitcoms to current dramas, comedies, and more. What criteria do you use to decide what to watch? And, more crucially, how do you know what you can view without having to subscribe to a second service?

That’s where we come in with our thorough list of not only the finest TV shows on Amazon Prime right now but also the best shows you can watch without having to pay for another subscription. In many cases, you can watch all seasons of a network show that is available, but in others, you can just see the first few. Of course, you may start watching Amazon Originals right away. We’ve neatly sorted everything by genre so you can quickly discover what you’re looking for.

Best Shows on Amazon Prime

1. Outer Range

best shows on amazon prime

Outer-range-josh-Brolin-social image courtesy of Amazon Prime Video

Created by: Brian Watkins

Cast: Josh Brolin, Lili Taylor, Tamara Podemski, Tom Pelphrey, Imogen Poots, Lewis Pullman, Noah Reid, and Shaun Sipos are among the cast members.

The good news is that there is now a program for fans of Yellowstone who want a lot more sci-fi in their Westerns. A new family is at the center of the story, one led by a patriarch played by Josh Brolin, who is attempting to keep his family together in the aftermath of a severe tragedy. When a mystery hole opens on their property, one that appears to be endless and links to a possible alternate universe, the Abbotts may face more than just their own universe. As Collider’s Chase Hutchinson put it in his season review, “It’s worth complimenting a program for embracing the odd parts of the cosmos and intertwining them with ordinary life as well as Outer Range does. It’s both artistic and cathartic, revealing a lot about the family at its heart while reveling in the overpowering awe of the unknown.” Carly Lane, author

2. Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls

best shows on amazon prime

Directed by: Nneka Onuorah

Presented by: Lizzo

Despite being a competitive show, Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls is not your typical reality show. Sure, drama can be entertaining (and this isn’t to say that this show isn’t full of it – there are still enough of high stakes and strong personalities to go around), but this program concentrates on more positive themes like self-love, confidence, and camaraderie. Lizzo is a household name for a reason: she possesses a tremendous voice and some significant moves. She’s immensely entertaining to watch as she chooses a group of fantastic, diverse dancers to join her on tour. The contestants have incredible skills, and it’s tough not to root for them after hearing their incredible tales and dreams. Gates, Taylor

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3. With Love

best shows on amazon prime

Created by: Gloria Calderón Kellett

Cast: Emeraude Toubia, Mark Indelicato, Isis King, Vincent Rodriguez III, Rome Flynn, Desmond Chiam, Benito Martinez, Constance Marie, Todd Grinnell, Birdie Silverstein

The presence of another colorful and wonderful family in the Diazes, the unit at the center of Gloria Calderón Kellett’s newest Prime Video series, With Love, will provide some solace to those of us (and there are a lot of us!) who are still mourning the cancellation of One Day at a Time (again!). The show (which was just renewed for a second season!) follows a close-knit family through a series of holidays (the first season consists of five episodes titled after holidays like “Valentine’s Day” and “Da De Los Muertos”), but it’s also packed with delightful rom-com elements and endearingly earnest characters.

4. As We See It

best shows on amazon prime

Created by: Jason Katims (based on On the Spectrum by Dana Idisis and Yuval Shafferman)

Cast: Rick Glassman, Albert Rutecki, Sue Ann Pien, Sosie Bacon, Chris Pang, Joe Mantegna

Katims returns to television with his first series since NBC’s Rise, and this one has a slightly more personal angle for him; speaking with Collider’s Christina Radish, the writer and showrunner said that his own son, who is on the autism spectrum, inspired him to approach a remake of the original Israeli series. However, As We See It tells an engaging and moving story about people with autism and how they manage ordinary difficulties like working, dating, and living with adult roommates. Season 1 has already come and gone, yet it feels like the show has only begun to scratch the surface in terms of the variety of storylines that may be told. Let’s hope As We See It has plenty of room to keep telling them in the future.

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5. The Boys Presents: Diabolical

best shows on amazon prime

Created by: Simon Racioppa (based on The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson)

In terms of developing extra stories that not only expand out an established world but also allow other storytellers and animators to strut their creative stuff, animated anthologies seem to be the way to go these days. Yet, none of the existing series do it quite like The Boys Presents: Diabolical, which consists of eight snack-sized animated shorts created solely for our enjoyment — and which will more than properly hold you over until the main Prime Video series’ long-awaited Season 3 launch. As Chase Hutchinson put it in his Collider review of Diabolical, “It’s a program that delights in the grotesque yet humorous, dissecting the darker aspects of the superhero genre to reveal its blood and guts, which it then splatters all over the place. You might be tempted to view this ambitious collection of shorts in one sitting, but these animated nibbles are worth savoring for their inventiveness.” Carly Lane, author

6. The Legend of Vox Machina

best shows on amazon prime

Created by: Matthew Mercer (based on the first Critical Role campaign)

Cast: Laura Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Ashley Johnson, Matthew Mercer, Liam O’Brien, Marisha Ray, Sam Riegel, Travis Willingham

The Legend of Vox Machina is here to deliver a raucously exciting, dynamic, and occasionally violent crash course in this world without you having to catch up on hours and hours of tabletop games. It’s easy to forget that the cast we’ve seen around the table is made up of some incredible voice actors, but the Prime Video animated series allows them to really flex those muscles while reintroducing (or introducing for the first time) fans to the original motley band of adventurers who made up the CritRole campaign. Vox Machina will satisfy a number of TV viewer appetites, whether you’re a D&D aficionado or simply searching for a new fantasy series to watch. (At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if a Mighty Nein series follows.)

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7. The Wheel of Time

best shows on amazon prime

Created by: Rafe Judkins (based on the books by Robert Jordan)

Cast: Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Zoë Robins, Madeleine Madden, Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Barney Harris, Kate Fleetwood, Priyanka Bose, Hammed Animashaun, Sophie Okonedo, Kae Alexander

Rafe Judkins was the one who came up with the idea (based on the books by Robert Jordan)

Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Zo Robins, Madeleine Madden, Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Barney Harris, Kate Fleetwood, Priyanka Bose, Hammed Animashaun, Sophie Okonedo, Kae Alexander star as Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Zo Robins, Madeleine Madden, Josha Stradowski, Marcus Rutherford, Barney Harris, Kate Fleetwood, Priyanka

The Wheel of Time serves as the perfect amuse-bouche to whet our appetites for even greater epic stakes and enormous worldbuilding before Prime Video’s Lord of the Rings adaptation hits our screens. Many people thought this series was “unadoptable” for a long time, but Judkins’ work represents an intriguing new direction in adaptation: something that builds on what came before while making those small modifications to help it translate to a different media medium that much more successfully. From the inner workings of the Aes Sedai to huge trolloc battles, this series isn’t only for long-time fans; it’s for everyone who is even remotely burnt by the previous fantasy program to go out with a whimper instead of a bang — and with Season 2 on the way, there’s plenty more to look forward to. Carly Lane, author

8. Reacher

best shows on amazon prime

Created by: Nick Santora (based on the books by Lee Child)

Cast: Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald, Chris Webster, Bruce McGill, Maria Sten, Marc Bendavid, Kristin Kreuk, Harvey Guillén

Nick Santora is the creator of this piece (based on the books by Lee Child)

Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald, Chris Webster, Bruce McGill, Maria Sten, Marc Bendavid, Kristin Kreuk, Harvey Guillén star as Alan Ritchson, Malcolm Goodwin, Willa Fitzgerald, Chris Webster, Bruce McGill, Maria Sten, Marc Bendavid, Kristin Kreuk, and Harvey Guillén.

Jack Reacher is a fascinating case study of Man’s genuine duality. He has no qualms about slamming his skull into any object that gets in his way, but he can also halt what he’s doing to help a dog whose owner has mistreated it. His social skills are nearly non-existent, but that doesn’t stop him from romancing a few ladies along the road. Oh, and did we mention he’s massive? In his first appearance as Jack Reacher since Tom Cruise portrayed him on screen, Ritchson strikes the perfect mix between making him an alpha action hero and someone you’d rather have on your side than against you. He’s goal-oriented, not because he doesn’t care, but because he won’t stop until the case is solved. The program got renewed for a second season less than a week after its premiere, which means there will be plenty more Reacher adventures (and seeing the man struggle to fit into most clothing sizes) to come.

9. Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace

best shows on amazon prime


Creators: Richard Ayoade and Matthew Holness

Cast: Matthew Holness, Matt Berry, Richard Ayoade, and Alice Lowe

The Channel 4 cult horror-comedy Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is finally available to stream in the United States! Over the summer, Amazon Prime Video added all six episodes of the acclaimed 2004 series, and now that I’ve had a chance to watch them, I can happily confirm what I’ve long suspected: this is one deliriously inventive and laugh-out-loud amusing hidden treasure. The principal cast includes Matt Berry, star of the What We Do in the Shadows series and an impossibly funny human, Alice Lowe, star of Prevenge and filmmaker, Richard Ayoade (who also co-created the series), and Matthew Holness, director of The Possum (the other co-creator and director of the series). Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace is an endlessly unpredictable and brilliantly amusing sendup of nostalgic horror and soap operas alike, with everything from psychic phenomena to exploding patients to a gun-toting doctor. Haleigh Foutch (Haleigh Foutch (Haleigh Foutch)

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10. Hanna

best shows on amazon prime

Created by: David Farr

Cast: Esme Creed-Miles, Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Noah Taylor, Dermot Mulroney, Ray Liotta

It’s been over a decade since Saoirse Ronan portrayed the titular teenager super-soldier in cinema, and Farr’s Prime Video version has offered viewers even more insight into Hanna’s story, which goes not only as far as the original film but considerably further. The series is short (only three seasons, unfortunately), but it’s exciting to watch the dynamic between Hanna and Marissa evolve from enemies to allies (much more so than in the movies), and anything that reunites Enos and Kinnaman on-screen after their phenomenal turn in The Killing is worth watching. Carly Lane, author

11. LulaRich

best shows on amazon prime

Directors: Jenner Furst and Julia Willoughby Nason

The growth and fall of LulaRoe, the popular aggressively-patterned leggings brand that took over social media throughout the 2010s, and the narrow line between MLM and pyramid schemes are explored in this binge-worthy miniseries documentary. LulaRich tells the story of how founders Mark and DeAnne Stidham established an empire by using one of America’s most undervalued and underappreciated resources: housewives and stay-at-home parents. LulaRich is both a gripping look at excess, exploitation, and the staggering financial impact of social media – including some truly jaw-dropping reveals along the way – and an insightful look at how false dreams framed as empowerment snared in so many families, thanks to the same directing team behind Hulu’s Fyre Fraud documentary. Haleigh Foutch (Haleigh Foutch (Haleigh Foutch))

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