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Release Information for Episode 11 of Andor Season 1 Is Available.!


Since the program’s premiere in September of this year, Disney’s most recent Star Wars production, Andor, has been gaining popularity among viewers. The show serves as a prelude to the popular Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film from 2016.

The drama has gotten worse as the first season of the show draws to a close. After airing the first ten episodes of the season, fans are now impatiently awaiting the release of the last episode. But when will Andor’s first season’s episode 11 air? Find out by reading on.

Andor Season 1 Episode 11 Release Date and Time

On November 16, the eleventh episode of Andor Season 1 will air on Disney Plus. The episode will debut at midnight Pacific Time, or 3 am Eastern Time and 8 am GMT. Tony Gilroy and Benjamin Caron collaborated on the episode’s writing and directing.

Episode 11 of Andor Season 1 Is Available

The show’s first three episodes were broadcast by Disney at the September 21 debut. The show has maintained a weekly schedule ever since, with new episodes airing every Wednesday.

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What to Expect from Andor Episode 11?

For the time being, Disney has withheld the title and summary of the future episodes along with the majority of other information. Additionally, no preview has been made yet. The studio has likely withheld information because they want to maintain the episode’s element of surprise.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that the upcoming episode will be the 12th and last episode of the first season. Although Disney has not yet made an official announcement, there are reports that the show will return for a second season, so fans need not fear.

Episode 11 of Andor Season 1 Is Available

What Happened in Andor Episode 10?

Cassian made plans to leave Narkina 5 in the previous episode, “One Way Out,” after discovering that there is no liberty in the empire. The security systems are then turned off after he smashes a water main and floods the factory floor, allowing the workers to flee by overpowering the security personnel.

As Kino encourages other levels to flee over the intercom system, the uprising spreads throughout the entire prison.

He acknowledges that despite taking part in the breakout, he cannot swim and is now confined to the prison’s watery surroundings. Cassian, along with the other escapees, swims to the shore in the meantime.

Then, a dubious businessman by the name of Davo Sculdun approaches Mon and asks her to arrange a meeting between her daughter and his son, which is a need for marriage in both Mon and Davo’s Chandrilan culture.

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He also offers to help Mon fund her initiatives. However, she declines the offer.

Lonni, an ISB undercover agent, meets Lutheran and informs him about the group’s actions. Kindness, peace, kinship, and love. I’ve given up on finding inner peace and turned my mind into a dark place. In his speech, Lutheran claims that he sleeps with spirits and rallies the crowd to his cause.



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