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Watch 1st Trailer for Christmas with You: Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Return to Films on Netflix!


Christmas will soon be here! Christmas With You, a new movie from Netflix, looks like the ideal rom-com for the holiday season based on the trailer. The romance story has a musical element added by the writers to make it even more entertaining.

A music star in the movie goes to visit a small town to meet a fan since she is feeling burnt out by her success and soon begins to fall for her father. To view the trailer and find out when the movie will be released, keep reading.

Christmas With You Trailer Teases a Dreamy Romance

An international pop diva named Angelina is depicted in the teaser struggling to come up with a Christian song. She discovers a video of a fan doing an acoustic cover of her song and expressing her desire to meet the musician. Angelina chooses to visit one of her fans in an effort to find inspiration.

She meets the girl’s music teacher’s father, and the two of them get close because of music. She is then unable to leave their home due to a snowstorm and must spend the night there. As they continue to write songs together, the pop star and the music teacher develop a romantic relationship.

According to the movie’s official synopsis, pop diva Angelina escapes her professional burnout to fulfill a teenage fan’s request in a small-town New York, where she not only finds the inspiration to revive her career but also a chance at true love.

Freddie Prinze Jr. Returns to Rom-Coms with the Film

Watch 1st Trailer for Christmas

On November 17, Christmas With You will be available on Netflix. the trailer is below.

In the movie Christmas with You, Freddie Prinze Jr. plays the music instructor. After over 20 years, the movie represents the star’s comeback to rom-com. Even though I was anxious to start making movies again, I couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful movie or a more ideal team to work with. When discussing the project, Prinze remarked, “They made me love this business again.”

Christmas With You Star Cast

Christmas With You Trailer

The actor’s comeback to the big screen has fans who appear happy, as evidenced by their comments. When I saw Freddie in the trailer, I yelled! I’m not a fan of Christmas love movies, but Freddie is worth my time, said one fan. “So thrilled to watch this movie,” another added.

Aimee Garcia plays Angelina in the movie, Gabriel Sloyer plays Ricardo, Grace Dumdaw plays Madison, Deja Monique Cruz plays Cristina, Helena Betancourt plays Conchi, Lawrence J. Hughes plays Barry, Matthew Grimaldi plays Scott Dawkins, and Cedric Cannon plays Principal Shriner. Freddie Prinze Jr. also appears in the movie.

Other actors in the cast include Benjamin Brody, Emily Davidson, Sammy Peralta, Elisa Bocanegra, Nicolette Stephanie Templier, Zenzi Williams, Alexander Ramirez, and Sammy Peralta. Gabriela Tagliavini, who has directed episodes of the television shows Claramente and Ladies Night, Without Men, is the director of Christmas With You.

The script was created by Paco Farias and Jennifer C. Stetson, who are both debuting as feature film screenwriters. Lucas Jarach and German Michael Torres are the producers; Eric Brenner and Kerri Hundley are the executive producers.

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