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Love Triangle in The Busy Hotel in The Hotel for The Holidays Trailer.!


Right now, rom-com movies are huge, and we can’t get enough of them. A typical classic Hollywood rom-com centers on a couple that faces a challenge while still being in love with one another.

But the center of recent romantic comedies has been a love triangle, and we adore it! Being able to observe the main pair as they struggle to manage their relationship with someone else is so refreshing in a movie when they aren’t always together.

In the past, rom-coms have focused on finding genuine love and resolving issues as a couple. But recently, the emphasis has shifted, and now a lot more attention is paid to how the characters interact with new individuals who come into their life. And it’s just a lot more enjoyable!

The Holidays Trailer

Similar to this, a weird but well-known narrative will soon be available on Amazon’s Freevee streaming service. The well-known American actress Madelaine Petsch, who we adored in Riverdale and Jane, will be seen in the upcoming romantic comedy movie Hotel For The Holidays.

The official trailer for the movie was made public in order to take viewers on a quick vacation to this hotel. If you want to learn everything, read this article.

The Hotel for The Holidays Trailer Puts a Love Triangle in The Busy Hotel

The leading hotel manager Georgia, who is doing her absolute best to make the guests happy during the holiday season, gives the movie a clear sweet, and sour vibe.

Georgia manages one of New York’s most opulent hotels, the Fontaine, which attracts several A-list visitors.

The film opens with a gorgeous shot of the Fontaine Hotel decked out in holiday decor and ready to welcome visitors. Pop stars and royalty alike are greeted at the hotel.

The Holidays Trailer

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As she greets visitors and shares more information about “New York City’s most attractive hotel,” manager Georgia radiates warmth. I don’t see why she wouldn’t try to resolve the power outages at her hotel.

The motel is out-of-date, pricey, and has unstable electricity. When you put it that way, the situation seems rather dire.

Luke is the one to whom Georgia confides her issue, and his easygoing demeanor seems ideal for it. He offers much more than that, though, including some really wise thoughts. Even if the relationship is not made clear, their talk is uplifting.

When Is The Film Releasing?

On December 2nd, the much-awaited rom-com is scheduled to premiere on the streaming service.

The first-holiday film to be made available on Amazon Freevee, the company’s free streaming platform, is Hotel for the Holidays. This indicates that there will be no subscription required to watch the film online for free.

Meet the cast

As previously announced, Madelaine Petsch from Riverdale and Mena Massoud from Aladdin will co-star in the movie.

The Holidays Trailer

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In addition to Max Lloyd-Jones playing Prince Raymond, the ensemble cast of the movie also stars Kayleigh Shikanai as Pandora, Jami Belushi as Kiki, Neil Crone as Milton, and Jayne Eastwood as Florence.


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