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Miss Israel Pageant Which Had Been Running for 70 Years Was Recently Cancelled!


The Miss Israel beauty pageant, which has been held for 70 years, will no longer be held in the upcoming year due to the decision not to host one this time around.

As a result, Israel will not have any contenders competing in the 2018 Miss Universe pageant, which will be held in Los Angeles, California, in January.

This Year’s Pageant Will Not Include Miss Israel In Its Lineup

The Miss Israel pageant thereupon declared that it would not take part in the competition in statement. In 1952, the Miss Israel pageant was established.

The Times of Israel reports that the decision was made on Sunday and that there are conflicting views in the nation on the continued significance of beauty pageants in 2022.

The competition was held earlier this year in the Israeli resort town of Eilat, where Indian Harnaaz Sandhu took home the world championship. This declaration was made a year after the contest in a southern Israeli tourist town.

The Contest Seems To Be Shallow In The Eyes Of Miss Israel

This Year’s Pageant

The winner of Miss Israel 2019 said that the program provides winners with numerous tools an interview with Israel’s Radio 103FM on Friday. She continued by saying that since winning, she has lectured to young people and discovered a club that focuses on financial literacy for kids.

According to her, even though the competition might still be improved, for instance, by doing rid of the swimsuit portion, the essential point is that it gives women a platform and a location where they can show initiative, lead, and be themselves rather than just talking about beauty.

Sivan Klein, the 2003 winner, said in a video released on the Channel 12 website that she agreed with the decision to halt the competition. She declared in a statement, “Queen Elizabeth has passed away, and the beauty queen competition is now buried. “It poses intelligent queries to intelligent bikini-clad women. It simultaneously places a ceiling and a crown on the head,” she continued.

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As Of Next Year, Married Women And Mothers Will Be Accepted Into The Miss Universe Competition

The selection procedure for Miss Universe underwent a big overhaul. This was mentioned when it made one of the biggest changes to the method it chooses participants public in August.

Married women and moms will be permitted to compete in the yearly competition starting the following year. Previously, only adult single women over the age of 18 who were not married or had never been married and did not have any children were eligible to apply for the award.

The 71st Miss Universe competition, which has been postponed until January 14, won’t have the new rules in effect. This is due to preliminary pageants already having taken place and the final pageant still being set for January 14.

The new date also means that there will probably be two Miss Universe pageants held in 2019: one in January to crown the Miss Universe 2022 winner and another later in the year to crown the Miss Universe 2023 winner.

The announcement has essentially extended the reign of the incumbent Miss Universe, Sandhu. Despite this, Zozibini Tunzi is now the longest-reigning Miss Universe because she held the title for the greatest period of time in 2019.

Miss Israel won’t be competing in the contest, as far as we know. The organizers anticipate that about 90 nations will participate in Miss Universe 2022. There will be a final reveal of the number before to the pageant.

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