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Jojo Siwa Has Debuted Her Appearance in The Upcoming Horror Film “Sketch.”


Jojo Siwa, an American dancer, is achieving her dream of appearing in a horror film. The 19-year-old performer is slated to play the title role in the upcoming horror movie Sketch. JoJo shared the first glimpse on Instagram and dubbed it “the best nightmare of my life.” After Victoria Moroles, she becomes the crazed cat’s second victim. To find out more about her forthcoming endeavor, keep reading.

Living The Best Nightmare…


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Jojo Siwa, 19, became an instant international celebrity. The Omaha-born artist is preparing to fulfill her ambition of working in a horror film in addition to serving as the youngest judge on “So You Think You Can Dance.”

One of my aspirations was to be in a horror movie, so JoJo recently revealed the first image from her new horror film, “Sketch,” on Instagram. And right now, it seems like my best nightmare ever. In the Instagram video, JoJo is shown restrained to a rail track while a man who resembles a mad cat and who is holding a cartoon representation of a tunnel entrance appears.

In a flash, a train appears in the illustration and runs over JoJo, shredding her to bits. The insane man is finally seen, still and covered in JoJo’s blood. If you didn’t know, Victoria Moroles, the star of Blood Relatives, was the cat’s first victim in a prior trailer. Nip “dragged Victoria’s face into a cartoon sketch of deadly substances,” according to a teaser.

More than 111k people have liked her Instagram video, which shows admirers and famous people gawking at the action. Sick is what Cameron McLeod wrote. “SCREAMING!!!!,” Richard Jackson wrote. The last thing I expected to see Jojo Siwa publish, a fan remarked in the comments area.

Another admirer commented, “Last night I had this strange dream where Jojo Siwa got hit by a train. I have never in my life heard Jojo Siwa use a foul word until today, one fan remarked. The scene is undoubtedly terrible, especially since the insane cat is still standing there while drenched in her blood.

On A Halloween Landscape…


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The 19-year-old former Dance Moms star is prepared to showcase her abilities in a major motion picture. JoJo revealed her new part in the upcoming horror film Sketch prior to the release of this video. Despite the lack of specific information from the production team, Siwa revealed that the film is produced by Lance Bass and directed by Colton Tran. This upcoming horror film will star Victoria Moroles.

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be leveraging my #LanceScares skills to produce this ground-breaking horror film alongside the incredibly great @coltontran, as Lance Bass previously announced on Instagram. We can’t wait to bring this kid to life and introduce him or her as a brand-new famous figure for Halloween.

Despite the fact that this is JoJo’s debut horror movie, she has previously starred in Nickelodeon’s 2017Ultimate Halloween Haunted House, a short film that follows the network’s celebrities as they explore a haunted house. The release date and additional star cast for Sketch have not yet been disclosed. Are you eager to witness people being trampled this Halloween, hopefully?


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