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Fans React as Disney Debuts First Plus-Size Heroine in Animated Short.!


p>In the short film Reflect, Disney introduced its first plus-size heroine, and the decision is now being praised for encouraging a positive body image. The movie is now available on Disney+.

Reflect chronicles the experience of Bianca, a young ballet dancer who is plus-sized and battles body dysmorphia and low self-esteem. The movie is the seventh in Walt Disney Studios’ experimental film series Short Circuit’s second season.

Disney Debuts First Plus-Size Female Protagonist

The six-minute short film Reflect, which told Bianca’s tale, was made available on Disney+ on September 14. In an empty dance studio, the ballerina dancer can be seen practicing her steps with assurance in front of the mirror. Bianca, the sole plus-size dancer in the room, starts to feel awkward as soon as the class begins and other students enter.

Fans React as Disney Debuts First Plus-Size Heroine in Animated Short

The main character suffers from poor self-esteem and body dysmorphia, a mental health problem in which a person spends a lot of time fretting over physical imperfections that are frequently invisible to others.

By the movie’s conclusion, Bianca has found her inner strength and has conquered her insecurities. Along with the other pupils in her ballet class, she continues to practice. Reflect refers to how the protagonist initially perceives her reflection in the mirror with self-doubt until coming to terms with how she appears and feels.

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Disney Is Working on More Inclusive and Diverse Characters

Disney is addressing its previous racism and misogyny by developing more diverse characters in movies like Reflect. The business announced its intention to be more inclusive and collaborative two years prior, pledging to actively, purposefully, and unceasingly support the range of voices and opinions in our world.

Hillary Bradfield, who previously worked on Frozen 2 and Encanto, which featured the first Disney princess to wear spectacles, is the director of the new short film. I feel like I’m a pretty body-positive person in principle, the director stated when asked why she decided to make this movie. Being body positive is far more difficult when it comes to personal matters.

Fans React as Disney Debuts First Plus-Size Heroine in Animated Short

I hope that after watching the film, viewers will feel better about who they are and how they appear, as well as okay with the challenging aspects of the journey. She said, “Perhaps sometimes you have to walk through the dark area to get to the wonderful place, and that just makes the good spot that much more lovely.

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Fans Appreciate Disney s Move

The addition of the plus-size heroine has been well-received by fans all over the world. This is not a drill, a fan tweeted in praise of the movie. A Plus Size lead in a Disney+ short has been cast at last! It belongs to the Short Circuit short film series and is titled Reflect. I was, shall we say, SOBSING.

Fans React as Disney Debuts First Plus-Size Heroine in Animated Short

Another person commented that the 16-year-old version of herself needed to watch this Disney shortly before quitting ballet because she no longer wanted to be the fat girl in the class. I’m happy that kids will have this. Reflect gets an A+! Another admirer added, I used to dance (not only ballet) and experienced similar emotions, therefore I’m looking forward to seeing this.

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