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In consideration of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( obligations,

The following comprehensive policy against copyright infringement has been prepared by (“Company”). You can get in touch with the “Designated Agent” who has been assigned to receive notifications of suspected infringement by using the details provided at the conclusion of this policy.

How to Complain About Copyright Infringement

If you feel that any material or content included on or accessible through the Company’s websites or services violates a copyright, please send a notification of copyright infringement to the Designated Agent listed below:

an official signature, either physical or digital, from the copyright holder whose rights are purportedly being violated;

Identification of infringing works or materials is necessary;

a detailed description of the allegedly illegal content, including its location and the copyright holder’s request that it be removed, with enough information to enable the Company to find it and confirm its existence;

Address, contact information, and, if available, the email address of the person sending the message

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