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Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller, Who Both Appear on “bachelor Nation,” Are They Dating?


Perhaps a new pair has moved to town! All of the Bachelor Nation fans currently believe that Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller are developing a relationship. The online community believes that these two are dating.

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller’s relationship became the subject of social media speculations after Victoria posted a video on Instagram and Grippo commented on it before swiftly removing it. Continue reading to learn more about Greg and Victoria’s current relationship status.

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller spark dating rumors

Following Greg’s flirtatious comment on Victoria Fuller’s Instagram post, who is now appearing in Bachelor in Paradise, dating rumours about the two actors started to circulate on social media.

Tuesday, Victoria posted a video of herself on her Instagram. She said in the description of the Instagram photo, “Go on and put on that dress that all the bad males want.”

In the video, Fuller wore a form-fitting black dress while Oklahoma Smokeshow by Zach Bryan played in the background. Greg Grippo became interested in her video. He then left a remark on her video shortly after. Before deleting it from the comments section, he wrote, “Good girl.”


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Victoria Fuller (@vlfuller) shared a post.

Greg deleted Grippo’s comment on Fuller’s Instagram video, but a fan account was swift enough to screenshot it. The couple’s flirtatious behaviour enraged all of the Bachelor fans.

Then, tonnes of messages were posted in the comments section by the admirers. WHY DO I LOVE IT, one social media user remarked, while another person commented and added, sorry but that’s kind of hot.

While she is currently pursuing Alex Bordyukovand and Johnny DePhillipo on the Bachelorspinoff series, some fans weren’t pleased with the relationship speculations involving Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo.

Another user joined the conversation and said, “Bad taste, especially if Johnny is the one that got wounded in all this,” which was followed by another user who called the entire thing “messy.”

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Last month, a TikTok user claimed that she saw Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller in Rome

A TikTok user claimed to have seen Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller strolling around Rome’s Colosseum at the end of October. Whether Victoria and DePhillipo become engaged by the end of Bachelor in Paradise is unknown at this time.

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller, Dating?

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Even after the accusation from the fans that she had cheated on DePhillipo with Grippo, Fuller’s agent addressed the subject. Just wanted to say thank you for all the support this week, she wrote on October 28. Her co-star Sierra Jackson wrote, “My gal doesn’t cheat! I love you all and it simply means a lot to me.” None of my women do it.

Do you think Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo make a good couple? Please share your opinions with us in the space below. Keep checking back with us for the most recent information from the entertainment industry.

Are ‘Bachelor Nation’ Stars Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo Dating?

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