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Elon Musk And Grimes Relationship Timeline: How Their Relationship Has Been “On” and “Off”


In recent history, few celebrity couples have been more unexpected than the pairing of the musical genius Grimes and the Tesla founder Elon Musk, considered one of the world’s highest-earning individuals.

One of the most fun aspects of watching the love story of these two is trying to figure out whether they are coming together as a couple or whether they are not at any particular time during the story. At the 2018 Met Gala, Grimes and Musk made a stunning debut in front of the public as a couple making their official public debuts.

It has been revealed that the couple welcomed their first child together in May 2020 – a son, X Eight Sider Musk, who was called X, and a daughter, Y, who was named “Y” in December 2021. Upon Grimes’ tweet of a breakup clarification on March 11 this year, a report was released stating that Grimes had started dating the “infamous leaker” Chelsea Manning. However, both celebs have been seen to be friendly with one another on Twitter, as observers have noticed.

As a former U.S. soldier, activist, and whistleblower, Manning is well known for releasing secret military documents in 2010 that were made public via WikiLeaks. In 2017, Manning was released after serving seven years in prison.

Elon Musk And Grimes Relationship Timeline


Elon Musk And Grimes Relationship Timeline

During their relationship, Musk and Grimes have both experienced ups and downs.

Since their romance began in 2018, the pair have remained dedicated to one another through various means, including unfollowing each other on Instagram and posing for a photo shoot where Grimes reads The Communist Manifesto shortly after their “semi-separation.”

Here is what they had in common to provide a timeline of Grimes and Musk’s relationship.

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In March 2018, Elon Became A Grimes Admirer

It is no secret that Musk was always a fan of Grimes’ work even before they became romantically involved. As a result, he tweeted on March 31 of this year a link to the video she had released for the single “Venus Fly,” on which she collaborated with Janelle Mona back in 2015.

He called it one of the best music videos he has seen in the last few months. Even though the artist did not publicly reply when he praised him, it didn’t matter when they ended up talking about the matter when they finally managed to get in touch.

A Twitter Meeting Between Grimes And Elon Takes Place In April 2018

Elon Musk And Grimes

According to a media report, Musk and Grimes met through Twitter at the beginning of April and reportedly began a casual dating relationship at the end of April. According to reports, the pair formed a bond over a game called “Roko’s Basilisk,” which is a game about artificial intelligence.

According to a source, Elon Musk was looking into the idea of joking about Rococo Basilisk, and when he noticed that Grimes had already made jokes about it, he decided to reach out to her about it. According to Grimes, the trick was understood for the first time in three years, who said the joke had not been understood for years. Both of them were poking fun at artificial intelligence at the same time.

In May 2018, They Made Their Met Gala Debut

It was news that shocked the world when Grimes and Musk announced their union in May 2018 when they announced their union during one of the world’s biggest public platforms of the year, the Met Gala, one of the world’s most glamorous events. In addition to the musician’s Tesla choker, a bold way to make a statement about the couple’s relationship, the couple walked the red carpet together in custom-made looks and accessories.

There was also an after-party for Rihanna’s Met Gala that the couple attended together. To date, Grimes and Musk have only appeared together in public once, making this their first public appearance together.

In January 2019, Grimes Opened Up About Her Life

Grimes spoke about her relationship with Musk for the first time in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, where she admitted that she was unprepared and unprepared to be subjected to such intense scrutiny from the media associated with the relationship.

As stated in the statement, she said, “just thought I could keep going along in my funny little way, and then you casually respond to someone in a tweet, and it’s on Fox News, and you’re like, ‘Ugh,’ you know? So that was an alarming moment.”

Grimes Was Expecting A Child In January 2020

After dating Musk for over a year and a half, Grimes and Musk announced on January 8, 2020, that they had announced their pregnancy and that they would be awaiting the birth of their first child together. So it was only fitting that Grimes announced her inspiring news in the most fantastic way possible, posting an image of her sonogram that was photoshopped on top of a topless selfie of her baby bump on Instagram.

A short time later, Instagram removed the post, which resulted in her reposting an edited image where her braids cover most of her nakedness. “Censored for instance haha – almost got away w it,” she captioned.

A Baby Boy Was Born In May 2020

Musk’s son, Xavier Musk, joined the family on May 4, with his name being announced as “Xavier A-12 Musk” via an announcement tweet, which Musk posted shortly after the birth. That’s the name he was given at birth, although California does not allow a number to be used as part of a birth name.

So they eventually decided that it was better to change his legal name to “X L A X II Musk” by simply substituting the 12 with the Roman numerals corresponding to his birth date. Musk then shared a picture of the baby on the same day and a photo of his face, which had been photoshopped with a face tattoo that he had not explained for whatever reason.

Grimes & Elon Are Severing Ties By Twitter In July 2020

Whenever Musk is in the middle of a crisis on Twitter, he is constantly forced to step in to save himself, but there was once when even Grimes stepped in. It was on July 24 that he tweeted the words “Pronouns suck” in reply to him, which the musician deleted the answer. “I love you but please turn off ur phone or give me an [c]all,” she wrote. “I cannot support hate. Please stop this. I know this isn’t your heart.” As a result, they both unfollowed each other on Twitter.

There was an exclusive interview with Musk published by the New York Times the next day, where he clarified that the couple was happy together, even though she had been taking care of most of the baby care duties.

Grimes & Elon Take On Saturday Night Live In 2021

Grimes attended a sketch on Saturday Night Live, where she appeared in a role as Princess Peach opposite Musk’s Wario, who was on trial for killing Mario on Saturday. This was Musk’s first time hosting an episode featuring Miley Cyrus as the musical guest on May 8, and it was a privilege for her to be in Studio 8H to support her beau, as well as appear in a sketch as Princess Peach, who was facing Musk’s Wario in a courtroom.

In the days following the show, Musk took to Twitter in an attempt to reveal that the Nintendo-themed drawing was his favorite.

Elon And Grimes Split In September 2021

As reports of a split between Musk and Grimes began to circulate, it was reported on September 24 that Musk and Grimes had been “semi-separated” after dating for an extended period. It was clarified by him, however, that they are still in love with one another, see each other frequently, and have a good relationship, especially when it comes to co-parenting, and they are on good terms.

“My work at SpaceX and Tesla requires me to be primarily in Texas or traveling overseas, and her work is primarily in L.A. She’s staying with me now, and Baby X is in the adjacent room.” According to him.

The Second Secret Baby, Born In December 2021

By avoiding the publicity surrounding Grimes and Musk’s second pregnancy, the couple managed to keep their baby’s arrival a secret because Grimes and Musk avoided the public eye, which meant they could conceal her birth from the public.

The news was first revealed in Vanity Fair’s March 10, 2022, cover story, in which it was revealed that Grimes had never planned to disclose Y to the world and that she was likely to remain a secret to this day if she hadn’t started crying during her in-person interview at her empty home, as she did during the interview itself.

Upon the daughter’s birth, Grimes spoke about the relationship between her and Musk, saying the two had reconciled and that she had relocated to Austin with Musk to co-parent with him without putting any labels on the relationship.

A New Split Between Grimes & Elon In March 2022

After the publication of the cover story for Vanity Fair, Grimes took to Twitter to elaborate on a couple of things, including her status regarding Musk’s current relationship. “I and E have broken up again since the writing of this article, haha, but he’s my best friend and the love of my life, and my life and art are forever dedicated to The Mission now,” as she put it.

As a follow-up to her initial tweet, she explained that she aimed to make humanity more sustainable, make it a multi-planetary species, and preserve any consciousness it might have.

There is such confusion in the relationship between this great couple. The two are not yet together, but many fans have seen them conversing on Twitter while they are apart. The singer shared a picture of her daughter wearing a pink headband and a black dress.

Do you think they make a good couple? Would you mind telling me what you think about their relationship? Please let us know in the comments section.


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