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Kanye West Lashes Out at Diddy: Leaks Screenshots of Chats with Him in Wake of White Lives Matter Controversy!


In response to Diddy’s criticism of his support for White Lives Matter, Kanye West is breaking with his longtime pal. Puff had posted on Instagram that he did not subscribe to Kanye’s beliefs but supports him as a free thinker.

He has since posted screenshots of his conversation with Diddy, in which the two appear to be arguing angrily. Before switching to texting, the two rappers reportedly spoke on the phone about the entire White Lives Matter situation.

Kanye West Shares Screenshots of Argument with Diddy

Kanye West

On Friday morning, Ye, who has been criticizing a lot of individuals on social media lately, including musicians and fashion designers, posted screenshots of his chat with Diddy.

I disliked our conversation. These t-shirts are for sale. Nobody is allowed to stand in the way of my money. Never call me again with such bullsh*t unless you give me the go-ahead. Ye’s opening sentence hinted that Diddy had contacted him earlier to convince him not to wear a White Lives Matter t-shirt: “Cause everybody who got on that tee is me.”

When Diddy later texted Ye to ask for her address so they could speak in person, the rapper responded, “Ni**a f*****ck you.” You ate. Another screenshot of Diddy telling him to stop playing games was then posted to him.

Then Kanye said, “This ain’t a game.” I’m going to use you as an example to prove to the Jews who directed you to call me that they have no power to intimidate or sway me. I warned you that this was war. Now leave to conduct business.

Just trying to communicate with you as a Black man. And the reason I’m speaking with you is that this is harming our people. Diddy urged Ye to stop, and Ye said, “Anything you text, I’ll upload.” I cherish you. And you guys are making me so, so sad. You’re welcome to apologize in advance.

Diddy had Come out in Support of Black Lives Matter


Diddy used Instagram to criticize his old pal Kanye after he was photographed wearing a White Lives Matter t-shirt to his fashion presentation and branded Black Lives Matter a fraud.

As I have in the past, I will continue to stand for my brother Kanye as a free thinker. But I don’t rock the White Lives Matter T-shirt. Do you understand what I’m saying? He had stated, “I’m not with it, with the press, or with [what] fashion is doing, thinking this is a joke when all America has planned for us right now is poverty, incarceration, and death.”

Many Instagram Celebrities Have Been Ye’s Target


Since he began to get criticism for his support of the White Lives Matter movement, Kanye has been going after other individuals on Instagram, including Tremaine Emory, Justin Bieber, and Anna Wintour.

Don’t speak on me, Lil Boosie, speak to me, Ye stated in an angry tweet before attacking Diddy. Yes, I’m a bit nerd-ass. Come shoot me, come smack me. I am the one who was victimized by the black celebrity community as a whole. I’m returning now to shoot up the school.

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After the White Lives Matter controversy, Kanye West lashes out at Diddy and leaks screenshots of their conversations, according to The Teal Mango.

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