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How to Repair Error Code 5706 in Crave? (Easy 2022 Guide)


Do you have any problems with the Crave app? Crave error number 5706 has been cited as the cause of numerous people being unable to access Crave.

Crave TV, a new Canadian television service, debuted on December 11th, 2014. It works with a variety of hardware and operating systems, including Android, iOS/iPad, Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV (released in 2014), Chromecast, Xbox One, Roku, Xbox Series X/S, Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

The Canadian subscription video-on-demand service Crave is owned by Bell Media. The program directly competes with other Canadian over-the-top streaming membership programs. Given that this is a subscription service, you might wonder how much Crave TV costs. It costs only $19.99 each month.

Since Crave is unavailable in the USA, a VPN like ExpressVPN is required to view Crave TV there.

By signing up for a free trial of Crave TV, you may access the top Crave movies as well as shows like Euphoria, Love Island, and Succession.

How to Repair Error Code 5706 in Crave

How do I fix Crave Error Code 5706? (Troubleshooting Steps)

Instead of terminating your Crave subscription, you can choose from the methods on our list to address your Crave issue. With these Crave troubleshooting methods, you can quickly fix your problem code 5706.

  • Restart your Device
  • Restart your Modem and Router
  • Clear the app cache and App Data
  • Delete and Reinstall the App
  • Reset your DNS Settings
  • Reset Samsung Smart Hub
  • Sign out and Sign in Again

Step 1 (Restart your Device)

Restart your device if you haven’t already. All that is necessary to fix Crave error code 5706 is to restart.

  • By holding down the power button, you can totally turn off the device.
  • Once you have turned off your device, remove it for at least one minute if it is connected to a power cable.
  • Reconnect the device’s power cable and turn it back on.

Step 2 (Restart your Modem and Router)

Resetting your modem and router is an excellent option because the root of the craving error code 5706 can be a network connectivity issue.

  • For roughly 30 seconds, unplug the modem (and the router, if it’s a separate device) from power.
  • Reconnect the modem to the outlet first, then wait a few minutes before turning on the router. Watch for the modem’s panel lights to turn completely green. [highlighter]

Step 3 (Clear the app cache and App Data)

To get rid of any temporary files and data that can obstruct the app’s functionality, clear the app’s cache and data.

Step 4 (Delete and Reinstall the App)

If your Crave is not functioning on Chrome or any other device or OS system, you should reinstall the application to clear all data and reset the app’s settings.

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Step 5 (Reset your DNS Settings)

Thanks to DNS, your device and application can find servers and websites. By erasing the DNS cache and changing your DNS settings to default, your device will search for the appropriate servers.

Step 6 (Reset Samsung Smart Hub)

If you are having trouble using the app on a Samsung Smart TV, you must restart the Samsung Smart Hub.

  • Go to the settings on your Samsung TV.
  • Click Reset Smart Hub after choosing Support > Self Diagnosis.

How to Repair Error Code 5706 in Crave

Step 7 (Sign out and Sign in Again)

It is best to log out and back in again so that many difficulties, including the Crave error 44, can be fixed. By doing this, you can clear temporary files and data that can be the problem.

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FAQs: Crave Error Code 5706

Why does my Crave keep saying error?
Go to “Settings” and enable “Software Playback” to fix this. This seems to resolve the issue.


Why is Crave not working?
Ensure that your ad blocker is off. Check to see if you’re not using a public wifi network. Make sure that cookies are enabled for Apple users, and that cross-site tracking is permitted. Install the most recent versions to ensure your operating system and browsers are updated.


How do I fix error 246000 on Crave?
To solve this problem, Ensure that your browser is up to date with the most recent release.


Final Thoughts

When using the Crave TV app on your laptop or smartphone to watch movies or television shows, some potential problems can occur.

One of the most prevalent issues that prevent you from successfully accessing your account information is the Crave TV 5706 issue. It could be frustrating and annoying because you can’t use the service properly because of this issue.

In this article, we’ve provided simple workarounds for the Crave issue number 5706 so you may watch Crave on Roku and Crave TV on LG Smart TV without difficulty.

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