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WWE Is Interested in Being Acquired by UFC Owners!

UFC Owners

The owners of UFC have indicated an interest in purchasing WWE, a move that may jolt the sports and entertainment industry. If WWE decides to sell its stakes, Endeavor, the parent company of UFC, has made it known that it would be willing to buy the company.

Since former Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon retired from his post in July of this year, the rumors that the wrestling and entertainment firm would be put up for sale have acquired more traction. Continue reading to learn what Endeavor’s President had to say regarding the potential purchase of WWE.

UFC s Parent Company Shows Interest in Buying WWE

During an interview with The Town podcast, Endeavor President Mark Shapiro made the comments. UFC is owned and run by a subsidiary of Endeavor Group Holdings called Zuffa, LLC. Numerous reports have surfaced since McMahon’s resignation from WWE that Endeavor was interested in acquiring the business.

Shapiro responded, “That would be something that would be intriguing and worth studying,” when questioned about the reports during the show. Would we purchase it? The future? It wasn’t up for sale as of the last I looked. Anything related to owned sports properties is of interest to us.

The market value of WWE is now around $5.63 billion. Regarding UFC, Endeavor paid $4 billion in 2016 to acquire the majority of the business. According to Shapiro, Endeavor’s worth increased to $6 billion with the acquisition.

He explained that if you’re in charge of a business like this one, which generates close to $6 billion in revenue, saving money and paying off debt must be top priorities.

Stephanie McMahon Addressed WWE Sale Rumors in August

Since the beginning of the year, WWE’s top management has seen a number of changes. Vince McMahon, a former CEO and chairman resigned from the position in July 2022 due to allegations of wrongdoing. Nick Khan and his daughter Stephanie McMahon have been appointed as the new Chairman and Co-CEO.

Shawn Michaels was appointed Vice President of Talent Development, and Triple H was named Chief Content Officer. In the meantime, Vince McMahon continues to possess the highest amount of business stock.

The sales rumors were also stoked by the hierarchy change. According to insiders, Stephanie McMahon responded to the reports in August of this year. She also tackles the topic that is being asked subtly but clearly—is there a sale? The insider claimed that VKM is still the controlling shareholder and that their management team constantly considers what is best.

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Reports of The Rock Buying WWE also Surfaced a few Months Back

Former WWE wrestler Dwayne The Rock Johnson was reportedly said to be interested in purchasing the business in the past. According to journalist Dave Meltzer, who made the revelation in July of this year, neither Dwayne nor anybody else has the money to buy WWE, but could he go in there and raise money?

Can they all cooperate to purchase this business together? What a fascinating prospect that is. Because it was his family’s industry and his daughter is now involved, Dwayne adores professional wrestling. There was no further information provided on this subject, but it is clear that this is not some bizarre imagination.


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