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Wolf Pack Teaser: New Episodes of Teen Wolf’s Spinoff Series Will Feature the Same Thrills as The Original!


Fans of Teen Wolf are in for two treats! Along with the much-awaited Teen Wolf: The Movie, a spin-off series based on the supernatural thriller will soon be available on your television. The spin-off program Wolf Pack has a teaser that Paramount+ has just released, and it looks just as intriguing as the original program.

At the combined presentation for the movie and the series on Friday at the New York Comic Con, the teaser trailer was shown. To see the teaser and learn more about the show, keep reading.

Wolf Pack Teaser Features a Teen Group on the Run from a Monster

The minute-long teaser begins with a police officer perched on a bridge, watching a forest fire. The tension then heightens as a fire vehicle speeds down the highway and people flee in all directions amid the mayhem.

Next, the viewer sees Everett, the main character, laying on the ground with a noticeable bite mark on his arm. Blake subsequently informs Everett, “You’re just like us now,” after noticing a bite wound resembling his own. Like us, we introduced him to other young people who were also afraid and were all members of the wolf pack. The video then cuts to various actions, love, and, of course, fangs montages.

The same day as Teen Wolf: The Movie’s release on January 26, 2023, Wolf Pack will make its television debut on Paramount+. View the teaser video below.

The Series is based on Edo Van Belkom s Novel Series

The show is based on the same-titled novel by Edo Van Belkom, published in 2004. According to the series’ official premise, Wolf Pack centers on a teenage boy and girl whose lives are irrevocably altered after a horrific supernatural creature comes to life as a result of a wildfire in California.

The teenagers, who were hurt in the pandemonium of the attack, are strangely drawn to one another and to two other people who were adopted sixteen years ago by a park ranger during a mysterious wildfire. According to the synopsis, when the full moon rises, the four teenagers band together to discover the mystery linking them to a werewolf’s bite and blood.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Returns to Supernatural with Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack Teaser

Tyler Lawrence Gray will play Harlan, Bella Shepard will play Blake, Chloe Rose Robertson will play Luna, Rodrigo Santoro will play ranger Garrett Biggs, and Armani Jackson will play Everett. Chase Liefeld, Hollie Bahar, Rio Mangini, Stella Smith, Zack Nelson, James Martinez, Amy Pietz, Bria Brimmer, John L. Adams, and Sean Philip Glasgow are additional cast members.

Sarah Michelle Gellar will play the lead role of Kristin Ramsey, a highly regarded expert in her field who has experienced personal loss. Kristin Ramsey was hired by the authorities to find the teenage arsonist who started a devastating wildfire that may have also reactivated a supernatural predator terrorizing Los Angeles.

Jeff Davis, the series’ author, and Gellar both act as executive producers. Executive producers include Jason Ensler, Christian Taylor, Joe Genier, Mike Elliot, and Karen Gorodetzky.

Are you anticipating Paramount+’s eerie teen drama? Comment below and let us know.

The Wolf Pack Teaser was initially featured on The Teal Mango. The Teen Wolf Spin-Off Series Promises the Same Thrills as the Original.

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