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William James Richardson: The First Season of “The Mole” Has a True Winner!


On Friday, October 21, 2022—the season 1 conclusion of Netflix’s hit series The Mole—we learned that William James Richardson had won the competition and taken home the $101,500 top prize after accurately identifying Kesi Neblett as the mole.

For those of you who don’t know, William, or Will, manages lifestyle brands for a living. He thought Kesi was manipulative in the show’s closing episodes and had a natural ability to get away with doing things poorly. Continue reading to discover more about The Mole season 1’s climax.

What did William do during ‘The Mole’ episode 9 and 10 challenges?

After Jacob was eliminated in episode 9, the females made some jokes about William being the final man standing. William, Avori, Joi, and Kesi, the final four competitors, proceeded to South-East Snowy Mountain for their second final mission. They were given a mountain to climb in two hours with three checkpoints.

Let us tell you that there was money buried nearby and frozen into cubes at each checkpoint. Teams of two were formed from the final four so that competitors could ascend the slope in both directions. Joi and Kesi were on one squad, while Avori and William were on the opposing team.

William was requested to place some of the money in the middle, but he declined. At first, he believed Avori was a mole who would exploit the situation to steal the money. Avery was sent out at the end of the show because she was unable to identify the mole’s true identity.

10th episode of the reality show

Joi, Kesi, and William, the last three contestants, starred in The Mole. The final objective required the teams to hide from the drones above the fort while completing three challenges in order to win $5,000 apiece.

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Here’s everything you need to know about William James Richardson

William James Richardson

William intended to be mistaken for the mole and be ousted from the competition, but he was powerless to stop Joi from botching the first task and costing him money. By jogging on a landmine trail, he contributed to the team’s $5000 victory. He was unsure whether to accept Keli’s assistance, but she confirmed his point by assisting him. Later, he concluded that Kesi was the true mole and won $101,500.

Las Vegas is the hometown of William James Richardson. He always had aspirations of being an athlete. He played basketball back when he was in college. He currently manages lifestyle brand partnerships for other athletes.



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