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Who is Sydney Sweeney Dating? Euphoria’s Star Current Relationship Status

Who is Sydney Sweeney Dating?

Because of her work on ‘Euphoria,’ Sydney Sweeney has millions of followers, but many of them were disappointed to see her with her fiancé.

Sydney Sweeney gained a large following after portraying Cassie Howard in one of HBO’s most popular teen shows, Euphoria. She’s also been praised for her roles in The Handmaid’s Tale, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, and a variety of other films.

She was recently seen kissing her longtime boyfriend Jonathan Davino in Hawaii. Unfortunately, some fans were not pleased with the news. Despite the fact that Sydney has never replied to any speculations regarding her sexuality, it appears that many fans were upset when they learned she wasn’t gay. The news that the ‘Euphoria’ actress is dating has sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter.

According to all sources, Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino are now engaged, as reported by People on March 2, 2022. Sweeney, 24, and Davino, 37, have been dating since 2018 and keep their strong and stable relationship quiet, with only a few times being spotted together. On March 5th, 2022, this page was last updated.

Sydney Sweeney has never spoken out about her sexuality, but she did once tweet that she was bisexual, and she played a gay character on the Netflix sitcom Everything Sucks.

While some of Sweeney’s gay followers may still wish for her to come out, the online “outrage” and jealousy over her relationship with a guy appears to have subsided. Fans have attacked Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan Davino’s relationship for another reason: some are concerned by the couple’s thirteen-year age difference. Sweeney and Davino began dating when Sweeney was twenty or twenty-one years old and Davino was already in his thirties. Furthermore, several fans are concerned about Davino’s murky legal history, as he has been involved in multiple legal battles involving his family’s pizza restaurant.

Sydney Sweeney’s Hawaii Romantic Date

While hanging out in the ocean with Davino, the actress flaunted her form in a red bikini. The couple spent yet another day at the beach, this time making out in the water.

Jonathan Davino is a restaurateur and the heir to the Pompei pizza empire. One of Chicago’s oldest and most popular Italian restaurants is run by the family. Since 2018, Davino and Sweeney have been seen together on a few occasions, although the actress has generally kept their relationship a secret.

Fans’ Reactions To Jonathan Davino, Sydney Sweeney’s Boyfriend

Some fans believe this indicates that the actress is interested in both men and women. Some female admirers even wonder if they have a shot with her. “Can someone let Sydney Sweeney know I’m single?” one user posted as proof.

While some people are delighted with her, the bulk of people is envious of Sydney’s partner. As one person put it, “Is this some kind of joke??? I’m not sure why she’s abandoning me.”

Another person said, “What does Sydney Sweeney have that I don’t? Please, I’ll take care of myself.”

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Sydney Sweeney and Brad Pitt Dating Rumors

She was rumored to be in a romantic connection with Brad Pitt, who is 34 years her senior, in 2019. The two spent a lot of time on set together, according to the paparazzi.

“She clearly left a mark on him during their time together on the movie, and he’s been sweet on her ever since,” an insider told Radar Online. The rumors, on the other hand, were never confirmed, and given Sydney’s commitment to Jonathan, the whispers about her and Brad Pitt were plainly just that.

Sydney Sweeney Used To Deal with Negative Online Comments.

Many celebrities will tell you that Googling themselves is a chore they despise since it usually leads to false rumors and harmful allegations from unknown sources. Even yet, when a celebrity is trending on Twitter, there is cause for concern. Sydney just discovered the hard way that just because a celebrity is trending on social media doesn’t mean it’s always a good thing. After realizing that her name was trending on social media, she took to Instagram in a sad video.

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Sydney discovered that severe criticism about her appearance was the main topic of conversation when she dug deeper into the reasons why.

According to reports, the whole thing started with a tweet that said Sydney is “ugly” and compared her physical appearance to that of a “muppet,” and that she is “unattractive if you don’t stare at her breasts.” The message has since been taken down, and even if it was still floating around Twitter, it’s pointless to draw attention to the person who sent it for harassing someone to tears. Sydney took to Instagram Live to address the unfair attention in a sad video, noting that she wouldn’t ordinarily handle this, but she felt compelled to do so this time.

According to the actor, “I believe it is critical for people to understand how words influence individuals. Everyone says you shouldn’t read things because you can’t read them, but I’m a f***ing person “while noting that all she was doing was watching TV with her dog when she came across the unneeded hatred. Sydney encouraged supporters to treat each other with respect on social media. Fans rallied to Sydney’s defense, sending her a slew of encouraging notes and advising her to try to see past the opinions of Internet trolls having nothing better to do with their time.

According to one Twitter user, “Sydney Sweeney sobbing on IG Live because she’s being accused of being pretty just because of her chest? This software irritates me to no end. Why are they bringing people’s bodies into discussion as if it’s a lighthearted topic?” Others proceeded to share photographs of Sydney, with one fan saying, “Sydney Sweeney has been dubbed “ugly” by some. They can’t be serious, can they?”

Sweeney’s fiancé and her Euphoria co-stars, hopefully, were supportive.

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