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Who is Soulja Boy Dating? The Rapper is Expecting his First Child – Who is His Baby Boy’s Mama?


There’s a red light and a green light. Are you aware that I arrived with my team?

Uh-oh! We’re not talking about Squid Game here, but rather ‘Soulja Boy,’ a well-known rapper. His breakout track “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States in September 2007.

The song was first self-published on the internet before becoming a top one hit in the United States for 7 non-consecutive weeks in September 2007.

We’ve all heard his fantastic well-known tunes, which are essentially hip-specialty. hop’s In 2010, the rapper was placed 18th on Forbes’ list of Hip-Hop Cash Kings for earning $7 million.

He did, however, lately tell something about the thing he’d always wished for to come true.

‘Soulja Boy,’ a rapper, is expecting his first child.

Yes, please! That is the point of the entire piece. It’s a boy for Soulja Boy, who is expecting his first child.

Who is Soulja Boy Dating? The Rapper is Expecting his First Child - Who is His Baby Boy's Mama?

On his Instagram account, the rapper posted a video of the gender reveals with all of his close pals, including the baby’s mother.

“It’s A Boy,” the caption said. Soulja Boy was happy and ecstatic at the gender reveal since he had always wanted a boy and now his dreams had come true.

As soon as the gender reveal was made public, Soulja Boy hugged Baby Mama and the color blue was all over the place. And we can see how happy he was, as well as how he couldn’t stop grinning.

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He even kissed the mother of the child. But who is BabyMama, exactly?

Take a peek at the cute video below before we get started.

The compliments and beautiful sentiments are virtually bursting in Draco’s comment area.

Many people also pointed out that he is the first rapper to declare his gender and have a child. Take a look at the illustration below. The sweet baby bump. That’s adorable.

What Is Soulja Boy’s Current Relationship Status? The Mother of the Child Has Arrived

Have you looked everywhere for the name of Soulja Boy’s Baby Mama and who he is dating? And now you’ve found your way here. To begin with, Soulja Boy has kept the name of his current partner a mystery.

Who is Soulja Boy Dating? The Rapper is Expecting his First Child - Who is His Baby Boy's Mama?

Social media, on the other hand, never fails to speak for itself. Despite the fact that the Baby Mama was featured in the video, she was neither tagged in it nor mentioned in the comments area underneath.

A little research, on the other hand, can occasionally provide a pleasant surprise. Along with the gender of the baby, the Baby Mama has been disclosed.

‘Jackie,’ a celebrity hairstylist, is currently seeing Soulja Boy. She is a licensed cosmetologist as well.

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What evidence do we have that Jackie is the Baby Mama?

This is due to the fact that some of Jackie and Soulja Boy’s close friends congratulated them on the story. Jackie also posted the same gender announcement video with the message, “It’s a boy.”

Jackie’s friends have also expressed their happiness for her. Take a peek at the video below for more information.

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Jackie’s Gender Reveal Post Received a Reaction From Soulja Boy.

We’ll do it for you if you watched the video but didn’t read the comments. Jackie’s gender reveals video drew a response from Soulja Boy.

Jackie responded to Soulja Boy with a nice blue heart and kiss emoji in response to the emojis in the statement.

In addition, while Soulja Boy did not publish the labeled story of his and Jackie’s congratulations on the baby, Jackie did share some stories from her friends.

Everyone is ecstatic about the good news.

There will be a little Soulja boy soon, whether it’s Soulja Boy or Soulja Girl.

Soulja Boy has always wished for a son

The rapper has shown interest in having a son in the future. Last year, he remarked on Instagram Stories that he has everything but a son.

“I have everything I desire in life except a son,” the rapper wrote. Please, God, bless me; I’ve waited patiently.” His perseverance seemed to have been repaid handsomely.

So, how do you feel about this news? And what about Soulja Boy and Jackie’s relationship? We’re also ecstatic to hear the news. Keep an eye on this space for further information. If you want to learn more about celebrity rumors, go here.

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