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Who is Sarah Palin Dating? Ex NHL Star Ron Duguay Confirms He’s Dating Sarah Palin in 2022


There has been speculation about the former Alaskan governor’s dating status after he was photographed eating dinner with Ron in New York City a few weeks ago.

Sarah Palin refers to retired NHL star Ron Duguay as her “friend” following dating rumors.

Sarah Palin and Ron Duguay are just friends, or “buddies,” as she puts them.

The former Alaska governor-turned-TV personality was recently approached by the New York Post’s Page Six, who enquired about a story in which she and Duguay, a retired New York Rangers star, were involved.

Who is Sarah Palin Dating? Ex NHL Star Ron Duguay Confirms He's Dating Sarah Palin in 2022

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“He’s one of my friends.” “Hockey is something we’re quite passionate about.” Palin, who is 57 years old, chatted with Page Six for an article that came out on Thursday. She was queried about their connection while out to dinner in New York City.

When Page Six reported last month that Palin and Duguay, 64, have been dating since late last year, according to unidentified sources, a Palin source told PEOPLE.

According to the informant, the two were “just friends” who “met through hockey.” (Palin’s public and political identity has long included an Alaskan hockey mom.)

Duguay did not reply to PEOPLE, although he did joke on social media about his return to the spotlight after the original Page Six piece.

After three decades of marriage, Palin divorced ex-husband Todd Palin in early 2020. They have a total of five children. Duguay was formerly married to supermodel Kim Alexis.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate is in New York City for her defamation trial against The New York Times, which in a previous editorial incorrectly linked her political organization’s comments to a horrible shooting. Palin claims that the piece was detrimental to her career. The newspaper maintains it made an honest mistake that it has subsequently corrected.

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The trial is still ongoing, albeit it was postponed after Palin announced that she had contracted COVID-19 again.

Mayor Eric Adams of New York City also criticized her for eating out despite being ill and unvaccinated at the time she tested positive.

According to the mayor’s spokesman, Ms. Palin has shown a flagrant disrespect for the health and safety of small business workers and her fellow customers by routinely defying CDC recommendations.

Ron Duguay, a former NHL player, has confirmed his relationship with Sarah Palin.

According to a source, Ron Duguay, an ex-NHL great, has revealed that he and “friend” Sarah Palin are dating.

Ron Duguay even congratulated ‘Palin’ when she announced her candidacy for the U.S. House seat representing Alska.

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On Friday, Duguay appeared in Manhattan Federal Courthouse to support the former vice presidential candidate in her defamation action against The New York Times, which was in its seventh day of trial.

“We’re pals,” Ron explained. “I’m here to support her,” the New York Rangers legend said of Palin on the courthouse steps early Friday.

Who is Sarah Palin Dating? Ex NHL Star Ron Duguay Confirms He's Dating Sarah Palin in 2022

“Are you dating Sarah Palin?” The Daily Beast inquired later that day via text. “Hello,” Duguay said. Yes.”

The two were photographed leaving the Manhattan Federal Courthouse together later that evening. Following an editorial published in 2017, she is suing the newspaper for slander.

Palin was next spotted with Duguay on a dinner date in Little Italy’s Gelso and Grand restaurant, where she celebrated her 58th birthday.

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