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Who is Mandy Rose Dating? The Wrestler’s Personal Life and Net Worth in 2022

Who is Mandy Rose Dating? The Wrestler’s Personal Life and Net Worth in 2022

Many WWE fans are familiar with the incredible wrestler Many Rose. She has ruled over many people’s hearts with her game. Her followers, on the other hand, are curious as to who the man is who stole their idol’s heart. Her unidentified partner has been the subject of numerous rumors recently. This has piqued the interest of her fans, who want to know who the guy is and what Rose’s dating history is.

Amanda Rose Saccomanno, better known by her stage name Mandy Rose, is an American professional wrestler, television personality, and fitness and figure competitor. Rose has a WWE contract. She performs under the ring name Mandy Rose on the Raw brand.

Rose began competing professionally in fitness competitions in 2013. In the next year, she became a bodybuilding competitor. Later that year, she placed second in the WWE tournament Tough Enough. She then signed a deal with WWE and appeared on the reality show, Total Divas. Rose debuted on the main roster in the year 2017.

This came after a little duty in WWE’s developmental zone NXT at the time. She later fought alongside Sonya Deville, a professional wrestler who is also a mixed martial artist. They debuted as a tag team known as Fire and Desire.

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Mandy Rose Personal Life

Amanda Rose Saccomanno was born on July 18, 1990, in Westchester County, New York, a suburb of New York City. Rich Saccomanno and Mary Saccomanno are her parents. She is the youngest of four children and has three other siblings.

Rose is of Irish and Italian descent. Her family and relatives used to call her Hamburgers when she was little. Yorktown High School was her alma mater. She used to participate in dance there as well. She went on to Iona College for her bachelor’s degree. Speech pathology was her major. In the year 2013, she competed in her first fitness competition.

In addition, she took first place in the Boston World Bodybuilding Fitness & Fashion Show. She was also named the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion Bikini Champion in 2014. Rose is also a yoga and pilates enthusiast. She also participates in CrossFit, a branded exercise regimen created by Greg Glassman, with zeal. Her estimated net worth is currently estimated to be 13 million dollars.

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Her earnings are supplemented by a number of brand sponsorships from fitness magazines, in addition to her WWE salary. She also receives a substantial sum of money for her appearances. Goddess fall, Modified Octopus Hold, Running bicycle knee, Snap scoop power slam, Thesz press, and Springboard bulldog are some of her signature moves.

Who is Mandy Rose dating?

In the year 2018, Rose was dating Sabatino Piscitelli, better known by his ring as Tino Sabbatelli, a fellow professional wrestler. Since then, though, there hasn’t been much news concerning them. Her love triangle with Otis resurfaced the following year in December. The plot between her and Ois was a hit with the crowd.

Otis also offered to assist her to win one of the matches if she agreed to go on Valentine’s date with him. Dolph Ziggler later appeared in Otis’ place during the date, which changed the scenario. This culminated in a romance between Rose and Ziggler, and the storyline then progressed to a love triangle involving the three of them.

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Deville was working with Ziggler to keep Otis away from Rose in an episode of Smackdown on April 3rd, 2020. Rose had thrown herself into the storyline’s conception and discussed it with the other two. They liked the concept and agreed to participate. She also disclosed how her boyfriend thinks about it in an interview. To which she said that her partner was completely fine with it.

There isn’t much information about her lover. She has never spoken to the press about him. As a result, her dating life is still a secret. However, she did remark in the interview that if a man is unable to accept the storyline, it may be difficult for them to work together because everything is part of an act.

Mandy Rose’s Net Worth

Mandy Rose has a net worth of $2 million and is an American professional wrestler, television personality, and former fitness and figure competition. Mandy Rose was born in July 1991 in Westchester County, New York. In 2015, she came in second place on the reality TV show WWE Tough Enough, and in 2016, she joined the cast of the reality show Total Divas.

She signed a five-year contract with the WWE after Tough Enough and began wrestling in their developmental area NXT. Mandy Rose made her Raw debut in 2017 and was a member of the Absolution group with Sonya Deville and Paige. In 2018, Mandy Rose was drafted to Smackdown. In 2019, she faced Asuka in her maiden women’s championship bout. She won both the WBFF Boston and the WBFF Diva Bikini Pro World Championships in 2014. In 2018, she was ranked #69 in the PWI Female 100 by Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Tino Sabbatelli, a wrestler, has been linked to her romantically.

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