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Who is Josh Flagg Dating? Bobby Boyd Wishes Them Luck and Drops a Bombshell on $9 Million Mansion


Is it true that Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles’ Josh Flagg has already moved on from his marriage Bobby Boyd? They did, however, buy a $9 million property together.

After five years of marriage, Flagg and Boyd announced their divorce. Weeks following the announcement, Flagg revealed that he had bought a multimillion-dollar property that he had been eyeing for years. But now, Boyd has revealed that not only does Flagg have a new lover, but he is also included in the title to the new house.

Bobby Boyd claims that Josh Flagg has a new boyfriend.

When they announced their divorce, both Flagg and Boyd expressed love and respect for one another in Instagram posts. When confronted by a reporter, Boyd emphasized that he wishes Flagg well, but said that Flagg had already moved on.

Boyd stated he and Flagg were “nice” while out on the town with pals. “He’s doing really fine,” he continued. “Taking it day by day,” Boyd said when asked how he was doing.

He told a reporter from Star Influx LA, “I wish him and his new boyfriend well.” The reporter inquired as to whether the new man was “the reason” for the breakup. Boyd just smiled and motioned for his friend to open the vehicle.

Bobby Boyd claims to have bought the $9 million home as well.

Even more shocking was Boyd’s claim that he was involved in the purchasing of the new home. When the reporter inquired about Flagg’s new home, Boyd replied, “We bought a new house.” “You can look at the title; I’m working on it.” “No,” he continued, “but I wish him well and I still adore him.”

Who is Josh Flagg Dating? Bobby Boyd Wishes Them Luck and Drops a Bombshell on $9 Million Mansion

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Since he was a child, Flagg had his eye on the house. “I’ve admired this house since I was a small child. Flagg told People, “It hasn’t been on the market in about 60 years.”

“It was actually an opportune time because a year ago when it was brought to my attention that the owners might consider selling, I was halfway through renovations on another house,” he explained. “I had hired and fired three contractors, architects, and fought with the city for close to two years to build what I wanted.”

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“When this came across my desk, I instantly stopped everything and was determined to get this home,” Flagg continued. It’s always been one of my favorite flats in [Beverly Hills].”

Flagg had been residing in the Beverly Hills Hotel for months after moving out of the couple’s house, according to Tracy Tutor of ‘Million Dollar Listing.’ “For the past few months, Josh has been residing at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” a source informed People. In 2017, the pair married at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Tracy Tutor, Flagg’s co-star on Million Dollar Listing and a close friend, offered one reason for the couple’s possible split. “I think Bobby wants a family, and Josh isn’t in that space right now,” he said to People. “This isn’t anything that hasn’t already been seen on television.” That all seems very real to me for both of them, so I’m not surprised. “I’m no longer surprised.”

“[Josh is] one of my closest friends, and I adore him and Bobby,” he continued. Josh obviously confides in me and is doing fine. Bobby and he are still hanging in there.”

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Flagg would always be a part of Boyd’s family, according to Boyd’s original statement on their split.

At the same time as his ex-partner, Boyd wrote a statement on Instagram regarding his split from Flagg, and it was also quite positive. “I wouldn’t trade the last six years of my life for anything,” he added. For the past few months, he added, the two had been working on figuring out their relationship.

“I love Josh with all of my heart and will always respect and appreciate him,” he said of Flagg. I’ll be eternally thankful to him for demonstrating to me that true love exists.” He assured the Bravo star that even though their “romantic relationship” was over, Flagg will always be “part of my family” at the end of his lengthy speech.

“I love you, Joshua, and I wish you nothing but love and great happiness,” he said. “I appreciate everyone’s love, support, and understanding.”

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