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Who is Emma Watson’s Boyfriend? Update on Emma’s Current Affair and Relationship History


Who is Emma Watson’s boyfriend, and whether she and her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton, whom she had a “great crush” on while filming the films, actually dated?

In a 2012 interview with Glamour, Watson, who has appeared in films such as the Harry Potter franchise and Beauty and the Beast, discussed the difficulties of dating in the spotlight. “[Being famous] makes dating tough for me since everybody I’m seen with is suddenly my lover,” she explained. “It just gives the impression that I’ve had 6,000 lovers.” For her own privacy, Watson told Vanity Fair in 2017 that she has a rule of never discussing a lover in an interview.

She said, “I can’t talk about my lover in an interview and then expect people not to photograph me wandering around outside my house like a paparazzi.” “You can’t have your cake and eat it.” “Who you’re dating in Hollywood gets tangled up in your film promotion and becomes part of the show and circus,” she concluded. I’d hate for anyone I was with to feel like they were a part of a performance or an act in any way. For me, it’s the difference between having a life and not having something. If someone takes a picture of me and posts it, they’ve created a marker of exactly where I am within 10 meters in two seconds. They can see what I’m wearing and who I’m with, but I can’t give them my whereabouts.”

Watson explained why she dislikes the term “single” and prefers the phrase “self-partnered” instead of in an interview with British Vogue in 2020. She admitted, “I never believed the whole ‘I’m happy single’ shtick.” “I was thinking, ‘This is complete nonsense.'” [Being single] took a long time for me, but I’m quite pleased now. It’s what I refer to as “self-partnering.”

So, who is Emma Watson’s boyfriend, and what is the reality behind the reports of a romance between her and Tom Felton on the Harry Potter set? Find out who Emma Watson’s current boyfriend is, as well as who she’s dated in the past.

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Who is Emma Watson Dating?

Leo Robinton, a business owner, is Emma Watson’s current boyfriend. When they were caught kissing in London in October 2019, the two were first linked. Robinton is a Los Angeles-based businessman who used to work in the cannabis market, according to The Sun. He erased his social media when his relationship with Watson became public. In April 2020, a source informed The Daily Mail, “Emma and Leo did all in their ability to keep their romance discreet.” “Emma was really serious about Leo when she introduced him to her parents. They had dinner together in December, not long after Emma and Leo first met, at The Ivy restaurant in St John’s Wood.”

Who is Emma Watson's Boyfriend? Update on  Emma's Current Affair and Relationship History

Another source told The Daily Mail in February 2021 that Watson had stopped acting to focus on her romance with Robinton. That insider added, “Emma has gone underground; she is settling down with Leo.” “They’re keeping a low profile.” “Perhaps she wants to start a family,” the source speculated. Watson and Robinton, according to the publication, live together in Los Angeles.

A source told Us Weekly four months later, in June 2021, that Watson and Robinton are “all in” on a future together, but they aren’t in a “urry” to be engaged. “Emma is all in and has her heart set on a long-term future,” the insider claimed, “but she doesn’t want to rush an engagement.” “She was irritated when people started speculating about an upcoming engagement.”

She and Leo’s pals fully anticipate them to make things official at some point in the future, but for the time being, they’re content with the way things are. The most important thing to them is having love and trust for one another, and Emma is happy without a ring or a piece of paper.” “Emma stated that she is in love with Leo, and this is by far the happiest anyone has ever seen her in a relationship.” They’re inseparably linked in every aspect, and they spend all of their free time together.”

Emma Watson denied she was engaged or retired from acting in a series of tweets in May 2021. “Dear Readers, “Rumors about whether or not I’m engaged or not, or whether or not my career is ‘dormant or not,’ are tactics to generate clicks each time they’re shown to be true or false,” she tweeted. “I swear I’ll let you know if I have any news…

In the meanwhile, please assume that if you don’t hear from me, it’s because I’m spending the pandemic like most others: failing to make sourdough bread, caring for my loved ones, and doing my best not to spread a virus that is still impacting so many people.” She went on to say, “I’m sending you a lot of love, and I hope you’re doing well and happy in these unusual times.” Thank you again to everyone who is working so hard to keep us safe and healthy.”

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Emma Watson’s Past Relationships

Tom Felton

Despite the fact that Emma Watson and Tom Felton have never dated, Watson admitted in 2011 to having a “big crush” on her Harry Potter co-star to Seventeen magazine. (In the Harry Potter films, Felton played Draco Malfoy and Watson played Hermione Granger.) “I had a great crush on Tom Felton for the first two films.” She remarked, “He was my first crush.” “He is well aware of that. We laughed about it when we talked about it. We’ve become pretty good friends, which is great.”

In a 2012 interview on The Jonathan Ross Show, Watson confirmed her affection for Felton. “I had a terrible crush on Tom Felton between the ages of 10 and 12,” she revealed. “We like a bad guy, and he was a couple of years older and had a skateboard, and that was really all it took.” “He used to play tricks on it,” she continued. He was unbelievably cool. He was well aware that [I had a crush on him]. He’d turn around and say, ‘Oh, I view her in a younger, sisterly way.’ And it crushed my heart, and it still breaks my heart.”

Watson revealed that Felton rejected her as a child because he considered her as his “little sister” during HBO Max’s Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts special in January 2022. She explained, “I walked into the room where we were having tutoring.” “Tom’s homework was to depict what he imagined god looked like, and he drew a girl on a skateboard wearing a backward cap.” And—I don’t know how else to put it—I’ve fallen in love with him. Every day, I would come in and check the call sheet for his number, which was number seven, and if his name was on the call sheet, it was an extra exciting day. He was three years older than me, so he thought of me as his “little sister.”

Watson admitted that she and Felton “simply love each other,” despite the fact that nothing “ever, ever, ever occurred romantically” between them. Felton also revealed that he and Watson share a “kinship” that is distinct from his friendships with the rest of the Harry Potter ensemble. “I believe I was in the hair and make-up chair when someone remarked, ‘Yeah, she had a crush on you,'” he explained. “I developed a strong protective instinct for her.” Yes, I’ve always had a soft spot for her, and it still exists now… “There’s always been something, I don’t know, a sense of kinship.”

Rupert Grint (who plays Ron Weasley) stated in a 2019 interview with Entertainment Tonight that he believes Watson and Felton were more than simply pals. He said, “There was always something.” “We were kids,” he continued. It was just like any other playground romance… There were no sparkles in my eyes. “I didn’t have any sparks.”

Francis Boulle (2008)

In 2008, Emma Watson and Francis Boulle, a cast member on the British reality show Made in Chelsea, dated for a brief time. Boulle confirmed the relationship in a 2011 interview with Heat magazine, claiming that he broke up with Watson due to her celebrity. He admitted, “We had a bit of a thing a while back.” “However, I’ve always been an ambitious person who wants to make a name for myself for what I’ve accomplished.” “That’s why I decided not to take it any further,” he continued, “since I didn’t want to be the boyfriend of some child actor.”

He also stated at the time that he and Watson do not keep in touch, despite the fact that they have a lot of friends. “We have a lot of mutual friends,” he remarked, “and our paths cross from time to time.” “I truly like Emma a lot.” She’s a genuinely kind lady. She’s not the same person as she seems in the media. She’s incredibly intriguing, and that’s what I liked about her.”

Rafael Cebrián (2009–2010)

In November 2009, when they were pictured together at a New York Rangers game in New York City, Emma Watson and Rafael Cebrián, a Spanish musician, were originally linked. According to Us Weekly, the two divorced in May 2010.

Watson, however, denied ever being in a relationship with Cebrián in a 2013 interview with News of the World, claiming that they just became friends after meeting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. “I’d like to clear that Rafael isn’t my partner. He is a good friend of mine. We met at RADA a few years ago, and he toured me around the university,” she explained.

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George Craig (2010)

Emma Watson and model George Craig met in 2010 while filming a Burberry ad. Watson appeared in the music video for Craig’s band One Night Only’s song “Say You Don’t Want It” in July of that year. Watson was enthused about her rumored beau’s music in an interview with Radio One at the time. “George was walking me through his music as he was recording it,” she stated. “I couldn’t believe the quality of the music.” I’m a huge supporter. He was brilliant in all he did.”

After less than a year of dating, Watson and Craig called it quits in September 2010. Watson and Craig broke their romance due to the considerable distance between them, according to a source for Marie Claire U.K. Watson was a student at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, at the time, while Craig was a London resident.

Craig confirmed their breakup at the time, citing long distance as the cause. “We share similar musical tastes, and she has a wonderful, down-to-earth demeanor.” According to Marie Claire U.K., he said, “She’s also really lovely.” “We aren’t together right now because it isn’t practical.” Craig joked that he was putting himself back on the market.

Johnny Simmons (2011)

In 2011, Emma Watson dated Johnny Simmons, her co-star in the 2012 film The Perks of Being a Wallflower, for a few months. (In the film, Watson played Samantha “Sam” Button, while Simmons played Brad.)

When they were caught kissing on a hike in Los Angeles in August 2011, Watson and Simmons were first linked. An insider told Us Weekly at the time, “[They] were holding and hugging each other for a while and playfully kissing.” “[They] appeared to be quite frank about their feelings and didn’t try to disguise it.”

Prince Harry (2015)

Emma Watson and Prince Harry were rumored to have dated in 2015, prior to Prince Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle. Watson and Harry had gone on covert dates, according to Australian magazine Woman’s Day at the time.

However, a source close to the British royal family told Us Weekly at the time that Watson and Harry were merely friends, and that the reports were false. “It’s a hoax,” the insider declared. “It’s such a bizarre tale.” “I can see the Internet is going crazy over this one,” the person stated.

Chord Overstreet (2018)

Chord Overstreet, a Glee alum, is one of Emma Watson’s most public partnerships. In March 2018, it was revealed that they were dating. “They’ve been dating for a lot longer than most people believe. At the time, a source informed Us Weekly that it would take about two months. “All of Chord’s friends are aware of her, but he keeps quiet about her.”

“They are absolutely hanging out and hooking up,” a second person claimed. The couple broke up in May 2018, only to reunite a month later. “Emma fascinates Chord,” an insider told Us Weekly. “Chord has never dated someone like Emma before. For him, this is a tremendous and wonderful development.”

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