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Who is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend? ‘Man-Hater’ TikTok Star’s Current Relationship Status

Who is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend? ‘Man-Hater’ TikTok Star's Current Relationship Status

Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend: Who Is He? What do we know about the Tiktok Star’s work and relationships? Drew Afualo, a social media influencer, and mannequin from the United States start with the basics. She’s become well-known for her comedic videos, dancing moves, and lip-sync videos to popular tunes.

Not to mention how stunning she is, Drew Afualo frequently tweets photos of herself modeling in fashionable attire. Drew Afualo has partnered with several well-known influencers due to his celebrity in the entertainment business. Not only that, but she also endorses a number of products, getting fame as a result.

Fans want to know Who is Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend because of her celebrity in the entertainment world. When it comes to her love state, she is blissfully married to someone very special in her life. She also revealed in an interview how helpful and encouraging her boyfriend has been, particularly in her job. You must read this article to the end to learn more about Drew Afualo’s love life and a few of her personal facts.

Drew Afualo’s Boyfriend: The Tiktok Star Is Also Dubbed a “Man-Hater”

Drew Afualo, a stunning social media influencer, is romantically linked to Pili Tanuvasa, the love of her life. Pili, her boyfriend, is an American fitness trainer and a fellow social media personality, in case you didn’t know.

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Who is Drew Afualo Dating?

Drew Afualo has been dating Pili Tanuvasa for an unknown amount of time. They’ve kept it a secret for a long time. The couple frequently shares photos on their individual social media accounts. Fans have realized how passionately they love each other as evidenced by the hilarious photos.

When asked about Pili, Drew Afualo admitted that she is where she is today solely due to his unrelenting support. Drew used to send her buddies Snapchat rants in the past. Pili Tanuvasa, her lover, advised she try her luck on the Tiktok platform, which is more widely accessible. It began with a few amusing films, largely about men’s red flags, as well as some of her own dating horror stories.

Kine tingz vol. 5: Valentine’s Day

Cheers to another achievement together, love; the busier life becomes, the more I value these moments when it’s just us.

Also, one of Drew’s fans once informed me that she’s no longer just my girlfriend, but everyone’s, so have a look at some of my favourite throwbacks of our favourite person lmaoo.

All of those videos were really popular. Drew Afualo is usually referred to as a ‘Man-Hater’. She went on to say that she doesn’t mind if men call her fat, ugly, or make fun of her appearance. According to the Tiktok Star, it has no effect on her. Pili Tanuvasa is also ecstatic to have Drew Afualo as his girlfriend. Any of their major official announcements are eagerly anticipated by fans!

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Fans are now curious about Drew Afualo’s works and a few other information, in addition to her love life and relationship status. Let’s take a peek at Drew to learn more about her.

What is her age? Sign of the Zodiac, Height, and Weight

Drew Afualo, the stunning, fun-loving, and seductive American Tiktok star, was born on September 18, 1995. As of the right moment, she is 26 years old.

Her zodiac sign is Virgo, as she was born in the middle of September. She was born in the United States, in the city of Santa Ana. Drew is 5’4′′ tall and weighs 56 Kg when it comes to her height and weight.

Work Frame

When it comes to her fame as a social media influencer, Drew Afualo has built a name for herself. She now has over 1.3 million followers on Tiktok. Not only that, but the number of Instagram followers has surpassed 510K.

Her innovative approaches and high-quality content material have made her extremely popular among her global fan base. She is completely opposed to bullying and body shaming, which is another reason why she has a lot of female support.

Drew Afualo, best wishes for her forthcoming projects! I’m hoping her relationship will last a lifetime! Wishing the lovebirds the best of luck!

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