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Who is Dove Cameron Dating? Complete Relationship Info in 2022


Dove Olivia Cameron appeared in Liv and Maddie’s drama program as both a cast member and a singer for the American stars. She received a Daytime Emmy Award.

Because Dove Cameron is still young and has only been in a few significant relationships, it’s unlikely that her love life would spiral out of control. She’s now 25 years old and has been in two relationships that lasted over eight years.

When Dove Cameron isn’t being talked about by the people she knows or the things she’s done, people are more interested in her.

She talks about what she stands for in her lyrics, which is relaxing and pleasant. She’s absolutely in charge right now, with 39 million Instagram followers– and they’re certainly wondering about who she’s defined in the past.

Who is Dove Cameron’s boyfriend?

Is there a boyfriend or girlfriend for Dove Cameron? The actress revealed her love life and passions prior to her breakup in 2020.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Disney actress remarked in May 2021, “I’ve talked about it for years, but I’ve been terrified to say it out loud.” ‘Guys, I really wanted to explain something fascinating to you.’ I made the announcement on Instagram Live.

Maybe there’s something beautifully queer that I haven’t started yet. ‘It’s something I like to sing about since it’s a part of who I am.’

Dove mentioned that she opted to come out in order to learn more about herself. “I used to be striving to be the center of attention on myself, so I had a hard time moving lower back into my energies and concentrating on where I was,” the celebrity stated at the end of an inclusive chapter meeting in her lifestyle.

Dove, 25, appeared to be single at the time and focused on her profession. She released a music video for “We Belong” on December 8th.

Dove Cameron Dating History

Ryan McCartan

Dove Cameron’s first companion was Ryan McCartan, whom she met on the set of Liv and Maddie in 2013. The Disney Channel exhibit lasted four seasons as a drama anthology.

It’s about two identical twins who are nothing short of exceptional, despite their surface likeness. One of my sisters is a high school basketball professional.

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The other sister is a Hollywood actress who has landed a role on a TV show. If this series hadn’t come along, Dove Cameron would not have gone to Ryan McCartan’s show.

By the time October 2016 got around, Dove Cameron and Ryan McCartan were finished. He stated on Facebook, “Dove has determined that this connection is not what she needs.” We do, however, have a great deal of affection for one another. If this makes you uncomfortable, please accept my apologies.

Kiersey Clemons

In 2017, Dove Cameron and Kiersey Clemons exchanged a Snapchat kissing selfie. Furthermore, they were seen holding hands at a social function.

Despite the fact that the two charms appeared to be in a good relationship, no one said anything about it.

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Thomas Doherty

They revealed their romance in February 2017, but they had already shot the film together the year before.

Dove declared the end of her relationship with Thomas Doherty on Twitter in December 2020. “Hello, everyone,” she said as she greeted everyone. Thomas Doherty and I decided to split up in October.

We still value one other’s company and aim to stick together because making decisions is always a struggle. Please accept our gratitude for allowing us to keep our personal information private at this time. This is her second most public split announcement on social media.

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