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Who is Doja Cat Dating? Latest Info About her Dating History


Many people are curious about Doja Cat’s personal life after she made such a big splash in the music industry. Her first single, “Mooo!” was released in 2018, and she’s been performing extremely well in the music industry since then.

This is most likely why so many people want to know who she’s dating right now. Here’s everything you need to know about Doja’s dating history and the latest Joji rumours (aka George Kusunoki Miller).

Doja Cat’s Relationship History

Doja Cat has only had one public romance since becoming famous, and that was with Johnny Utah. He goes under the moniker JAWNY and, like Doja, is a musician. For the first time, the two hooked up in 2019 and were together till February 2020. They shared the beginning of their romance in a cute Instagram live video, which has now been archived on YouTube.

Who is Doja Cat Dating? Latest Info About her Dating History

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They were apparently flirting through their Instagram comment sections before sliding into one other’s DMs. Doja admitted that she didn’t care for JAWNY’s song “Honey Pie.” “She didn’t like him at first, but she liked the way he moved. The consequence of Instagram flirtations was a real-life relationship, but it didn’t last long. Doja went on Instagram live after the split to talk about it with her admirers and followers.

She said that there was no awkwardness or drama between them when they separated and that they were still on good terms. Rumours regarding Doja and French Montana began to circulate in October 2020. What is the explanation for this? They were seen getting intimate on a boat together, but it turns out the reports of a flirtation were bogus right from the start. Doja said that they were working on a song together and were only in such close quarters for commercial reasons.

Fans began to question if Doja and Lil Dicky were romantically linked after she appeared in an episode of Lil Dicky’s hit show Dave. They may have appeared to be prospective love partners in an episode from the second season of the show, but they’re actually just platonic buddies.

Is it true that Doja Cat dated Bree Runway?

By the summer of 2021, all speculations of Doja reconciling with JAWNY had faded, as had all rumours of her dating Lil Dicky — but rumours of her dating fellow female rapper Bree Runway began to circulate. Doja and Bree were caught together at a Drake-hosted party, which sent the internet into a tailspin.

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They shared a slew of adorable photos together on social media, but it was the remarks that convinced everyone that something romantic was going on. “You know how obsessed I am about my girlfriend!” Bree wrote. Doja Cat, I adore you. The best night of my life.”

“I got a girlfriend and I’m going public: Bree Runway,” Doja wrote beside a smirking face emoji.

The rumours, however, were never addressed, and suspicion about their alleged romance fizzled out fast.

Doja Cat fueled romance speculations with Joji in February 2022.

According to a Redditor named rajmahchawal, Doja Cat originally took a liking to musician and YouTube comedian Joji in 2015.

Doja abruptly interrupted her Instagram Live in February 2022 after an unknown man unintentionally came in on her while she was streaming. Fans have been attempting to figure out who he is based on his voice, and many assume he is Joji himself.

Both he and Doja will appear at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2022. The reports have yet to be confirmed, and the two have yet to be publicly seen together, but we think they’d make a great couple.

Both he and Doja will appear at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in 2022. The rumours haven’t been confirmed yet.

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