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Who Is Becca Tilley Dating? A Look at The New Man in The Bachelor Alum’s Life


While some were left without the winning rose or did not get to spend time with their true love, others went on to create their own channel and gain a significant social media following.

Others, on the other hand, have chosen to maintain a low profile in their personal life. Fans were left intrigued after Bachelor alum Becca Tilley kept a low profile about her personal life, and few people are aware of anything going on in her life!

We’re curious who the Bachelor alum is dating now because she’s managed to keep it all under wraps. After a pair of public heartbreaks, the actress is anxious to keep her dating life private, and she feels many others have been engaged before her.

Who Is The Bachelor Alum Becca Tilley Dating?

Who Is Becca Tilley Dating?

Becca Tilley, Chris Soules’ season’s runner-up, was a familiar face on the show. She then returned for Ben Higgins’ season, when she finished fifth and was eliminated.

Becca, on the other hand, looks to have a new man in her life, which she is keeping hidden. Becca started dating Robert Graham shortly after the show’s reoccurring heartbreaks, however, the relationship was short-lived, and the two split up in 2017.

Graham has starred in Desiree Hartsock’s Bachelor Paradise and Bachelor in Paradise seasons.

This romance, too, did not endure long, as the two broke up without much fanfare not long after. Becca chose to keep her romance private after a run of failed relationships that garnered the attention of the media.

When asked about her breakup with Robert Graham, Becca said she was too consumed with work and travel to focus on herself, which she had wanted to do at the time.

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The Bachelor Alum Is Discreet About Her Relationship!

Who Is Becca Tilley Dating?

Soon after, it was reported that The Bachelor alum had been dating someone but would not share his identity.

When asked about this mysterious man, Tilley stated that it is personal and private to her and that she previously had a public relationship that appeared to involve a large number of people, making it a chaotic affair!

While nothing is known about this mysterious man, Tilley did disclose a few details about him in her Scrubbing In the podcast, revealing that they met at a party and that she hopes they will marry!

The Bachelor star’s wedding bells appear to be ringing! The actress also revealed that she would reveal his identity in the future, but for the time being, she is content to keep it a secret and intends to do so for the foreseeable future. The Bachelor alum is happy in her present relationship and intends to stay in it.

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Becca Tilley Talks About Her Mystery Man And Some Wedding Plans Are Involved!

Who Is Becca Tilley Dating?

While the Bachelor alum has chosen to keep things private for now, she may reveal the identity of this unknown man in the future; in the meantime, she continues to run her vlog on travel, fashion, and other issues.

Her Scrubbing In the podcast, which she co-hosts with Tanya Rad, is also gaining traction among fans as she talks about the popular show, relationships, wellness, and more!

Because some of Bachelor Nation’s most well-known celebs have also participated in a session, the podcast has become extremely popular. The podcast is a dedication to Becca’s favorite show, Grey’s Anatomy, as she is a major fan and constantly updates us on what’s going on with the show.

Becca has expressed her love for the program on multiple occasions, and her social media sites, including Twitter, are devoted to it and the ups and downs that the characters face on a regular basis.

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