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Who is April From the Ultimatum Dating? April Appears To Be Dating A New Guy – Let’s Find Out


April Melohn, who starred in The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, appears to be seeing someone else, according to Instagram.

April Melohn’s relationship with Jake Cunningham on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On appears to have fizzled out, as the actress has been spotted on Instagram with someone new. Nick and Vanessa Lachey tried their hand at another Netflix reality series after a successful second season of Love Is Blind, and the show has been a big success, with fans raving about it.

The series premiered with eight episodes on April 6, but the conclusion and reunion will be accessible on Netflix on April 13. April was quickly embraced by fans of The Ultimatum, who dubbed her the show’s most mature and charming character.

April issued her partner an ultimatum at the outset of the season, indicating that she was ready for marriage and children but that he was not. Jake said that he’d recently left the army and wanted to enjoy his life and establish financial stability before starting a family.

Before deciding which new partners they wanted to spend the next three weeks with, Jake and his girlfriend sat down and had a serious conversation, during which Jake expressed his belief that his girlfriend was a little selfish, focusing more on what she wanted than on what he needed in a relationship.

Jake immediately became friends with Rae, a fellow cast member on The Ultimatum, and it appeared that the two might depart the show together. Jake and April, on the other hand, appeared to be eager to work things out in their relationship when they rejoined.

Who is April From the Ultimatum Dating? April Appears To Be Dating A New Guy - Let's Find Out

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The Ultimatum Official Trailer

April Melohn’s Net Worth

April Marie Melohn is a cast member of The Ultimatum Marry or Move On. She is a 23-year-old American lady. April Marie Melohn has a $2 million net worth. April gained a lot of Instagram followers after announcing herself as a cast member in this show.

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April was born in San Diego, California, although she grew up in Florida before returning to the West Coast and settling in Los Angeles. April’s destination became Austin, Texas in 2019 while she was looking for a modeling job, and she may have lived in Texas since then.

April Marie Melohn is of Filipino-American descent, and her exact birthday has yet to be revealed.

Who is April dating right now?

April and Jake may not be making things work after all, according to Instagram, as she appears to have met someone else. While show stars aren’t meant to post anything on social media that could spoil the program for viewers, Instagram user @cody.b.cooper breached the rule when he posted photographs of himself and April on his account. The post included two photos of the two, one of him kissing April on the cheek and the other of him carrying her on his back. He captioned the photo “My Love” and tagged the star as well as the Las Vegas Encore Beach Club.

The post stunned some fans of The Ultimatum, but others claim it’s not the first time April and Cody have appeared together on social media. “She’s been dating this guy for A WHILE now and was posting photographs of them up to 2 weeks before the show started,” says Reddit user @bruffiedeal. There have been no spoilers concerning Jake’s current dating life as of yet. However, Rae broke up with her boyfriend Zay in the final episodes of the series, making it plain that they would not be leaving the show married and allowing her to go with Jake instead.

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For those who have been watching the show, the news about April and her new man isn’t exactly shocking. Jake appeared to want nothing to do with his girlfriend in several scenes, and the two appeared to be on separate pages.

Who is April From the Ultimatum Dating? April Appears To Be Dating A New Guy - Let's Find Out

The aim of The Ultimatum, however, was not for the couples to leave together, but for them to decide what they wanted. It’s better Jake and April went their own ways if they weren’t right for each other in the end.

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