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What is Russell Wilson ex wife Ashton Meem Net Worth? Is there any connection between Ashton Meem and Golden Tate?


Ashton Meem, Russell Wilson’s first and ex-wife, is a former quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Molly and Lang Meem gave birth to her on September 6, 1987, in Richmond, Virginia.
Ashton is 5’9″ tall and weighs 53 kg. Her gorgeous body figure is also evident in her different social media posts and paparazzi photos.

Wilson and Meem married at a Virginia Country Club on January 14, 2012, the same year she was drafted into the NFL. Two years later, in April of 2014, the couple announced their divorce. They had been living apart for months before publicly announcing their split on April 22, 2014.

Early Years of Ashton Meem’s Life

Ashton Meem was born in Richmond, Virginia. She was born in the city.

russell wilson ex wife net worth

Meem graduated from North Carolina State University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in communications. She also works as an Account Executive at Morton Consulting LLC, where she has been for approximately 11 years.

The first time Ashton and Russell Wilson met was in high school. St. Catherine’s School in Richmond was her alma mater. She met Russell at a party in high school, and they were both ecstatic.

It didn’t take long for them to begin dating. Even though they both went to college, they remained together. She and he first met at the University of Georgia and North Carolina State University. She went to NC State at one point. After three years at NC State, he transferred to the University of Wisconsin for the next three years.

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Russell Wilson’s first wife Ashton Meem is still getting celebrity treatment from the media eight years after they divorced. Meem, on the other hand, has a long list of honors and successes in the business world.

She worked as a media marketing intern, an art buyer, and a consultant during her first years after graduating until landing a job as an Advertising Operations Assistant at American Family Insurance.

Private Life

Some people achieve popularity as a result of their hard work, while others gain it as a result of their relationships.

Ashton Meem, the ex-wife of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, is one such woman.

The two had been dating since high school, and it didn’t take long for their relationship to blossom into something substantial.

russell wilson ex wife net worth

Furthermore, the couple married in 2012 and had been together for two years. And, because she was the wife of one of the NFL’s brightest prospects at the time, Ashton received a lot of press attention.

Sadly, unlike most fairytales, this one did not have a happy ending. The two abruptly split ways, surprising no one.

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What’s the connection between Ashton Meem and Golden Tate?

That year, Ashton Meem is not married to Golden Tate. They didn’t want to be together at any point in their lives.

According to rumors, Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem’s marriage ended after it was revealed that Ashton Meem had slept with Golden Tate. There was still no proof that Ashton had deceived Russell, and she denied it. Russell chose not to speak about it because he didn’t want to.

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Wilson’s ex-wife Ashton Meem Net Worth

Ashton is thought to have a net worth of $4 million, which she obtained primarily through her divorce from NFL player Russell Wilson.

Despite the fact that Meem runs her own enterprises, she received a sizable portion of her income as a result of her divorce from Russel.

Wilson also has a staggering net worth of $135 million. As a result, we believe the divorce settlement did not have a significant impact on the 31-year-old quarterback.

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