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What Is Pocketing? An Individual’s Dating Trend Can Provide a Lot of Insight Into Their Relationship


Let’s be honest: it’s a fact. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. You may desire to make your new connection public, or you may decide to keep it private.

It’s possible that failing to alert people about someone you’re seeing is more common than you think. It’s become known as “pocketing” on social media.

What Is “pocketing” in A Relationship?

What Is Pocketing

Guest co-host Justin Sylvester discussed “pocketing” to Jenna Bush Hager on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna on Thursday.

Should You Be Concerned?

Despite the fact that “pocketing” someone may not appear to be a major issue, Sylvester believes it is more harmful than it appears.

“Girls, if your man hasn’t posted you, you’re a sister wife nine times out of ten,” he said. “And you had no idea,” says the narrator.

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Can “pocketing” Still Happen if Your Partner Isn’t on Social Media?

Jenna then inquired of Sylvester whether she should be concerned that her husband, Henry Hager, is not on Instagram.

“OK,” she explained, “but I have a husband who does not post about me.” “Does he have to go on Instagram simply to show us how much he loves us?”

“No,” Justin firmly stated. “Don’t take your guy to Instagram if he doesn’t have it.”

What Is Pocketing

Why Do “pocketing” and Instagram Go Hand-In-Hand?

According to the self-proclaimed dating expert, Instagram can generate unanticipated issues in a relationship because the network allows users to communicate with practically anybody they choose, a feature known as sliding into someone’s DMs or direct messages.

“There are some awful people out there who will break into someone’s DMs because they think your man is the one,” Sylvester added. “As a result, don’t give him access to social media.”

Finally, Sylvester clarified that “pocketing” someone in a committed relationship is never a good idea. This can indicate a lot about how your partner feels about you.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes the proceedings,” he concluded. “I typically advise people that if I’m in a serious relationship and we’re ready to take it to the next level and have that private conversation, then you should tell the world,” she says.

Jenna explained, “via Instagram.”

“At the very least, there’s something to tell.” “At the very least,” added Sylvester.

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Can “pocketing” Happen to Anyone?

What Is Pocketing

“Pocketing” may happen in every intimate relationship, according to Susan Winter, a relationship expert, and author. She does not suggest it, however, because it can be quite “damaging” to the person you’re with.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it, too,” says the narrator. You can’t have the best of yourself in private and then hide us from the public. It makes the person feel uncomfortable, inferior, or inadequate, which no one wants to experience,” she stated.

Is “pocketing” a New Trend?

Winter also stated that “pocketing” is not a new dating trend. It’s been around for a while; the only difference now is that it’s done through social media.

“Every week, I read a new name for BDB or bad dating behavior.” The list goes on and on, but this is a long-standing trend,” she explained. “And anyone who’s been called a side chick or is dating someone and tells their friends that they’re seeing this person but their friends have never met them and aren’t connected on social media — this is just an extension of that.”

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Why Do People Try to “pocket” Their Partners?

What Is Pocketing

When asked why people would do something so horrible to someone they’re seeing, Winter explained that it has everything to do with not wanting that person in your “inner circle.”

“Where you stand in your partner’s life will be determined by how far they let you into their intimate circle,” she said. “So, if your partner has never introduced you to their friends, has never taken you to a company party, has never allowed a picture of the two of you to be shared on social media, and the holidays are approaching and you have never been invited to join your partner’s family, you definitely do not have a partner.”

Not in the traditional sense. You’re simply sleeping with someone who keeps you on the periphery of their lives.”

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