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Wack 100 Pushed Ray J to Commit Suicide After the Rapper Shared Suicidal Thoughts!


After posting suicidal thoughts on Instagram, Ray J recently raised concerns about social media. According to the words he shared on social media, the rapper was contemplating taking his own life when he was perched on a ledge.

Thankfully, Ray refrained from taking the awful step and is reportedly doing OK right now. The internet was swamped with support, well wishes, and condolences for the rapper in light of his condition.

Nearly everyone advised the artist not to hurt himself, but there was one person who felt the opposite. Ray J’s manager Wack 100 was spotted pushing him to commit suicide by leaving comments on his posts.

Wack 100 told Ray J to Jump Off the Ledge

Ray J published some suicide messages on his Instagram on October 6. He captioned a video of the moon resting on a raised surface, saying, “If it wasn’t for 4 my Kidz, I would leap off and die tonight.” Should I just jump off and end it all, he asked his followers in the second video, which showed him perched on a precipice with his feet dangling. Now!!! ????

He wrote Instagram stories in response to the posts, attempting to figure out whether this existence was an illusion or whether my real reality would be revealed if I died tonight. Everyone, including his sister Brandy, who shared a selfie with him and said, “Need you bro @rayj,” was extremely frightened by his messages and urged him not to kill himself.


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The Neighborhood Talk (@theneighborhoodtalk) shared a blog entry.

Wack 100 was spotted pushing the rapper to jump off the ledge rather than encouraging him to live his life. JUMP, get it done! On one of Ray’s suicidal messages, the music manager remarked, “WE DON’T PLAY LIKE THIS ON PIRU.”

Wack 100 is Drawing Flak on Social Media

 Ray J

The manager is currently receiving a lot of backlash on social media for his hurtful remarks and awful advice to Ray J. Even though Wack100 has always been an oddball, urging Ray J to jump on the post was pure evil. always meddling in the affairs of others and doing bad things Disgusting, a supporter tweeted.

Another person commented that if Ray J ended up leaping, Wack100 would be arrested because telling someone to commit suicide and then having them go through with it is essentially murder. And for this, his name ought to be Wack-0. Also on Twitter, a supporter wrote: “#CancelWack100 do you know how nasty that is!” Wack, if Ray J does it, you’ll face a murder trial! 

Ray J and Wack 100 have Worked Together Earlier


According to a person close to Ray J, the 41-year-old was intoxicated when he released the suicidal videos. According to reports, he is doing well right now. The source also disclosed that the films were shot while Ray J and his sporadic wife, Princess Love, were on vacation.

Wack 100 had previously collaborated with the rapper, so fans were especially horrified to see him write such offensive remarks. Up until a few years ago, Wack 100 handled Ray J, and the two were regarded as close friends.

Call 800-273-8255 to speak with someone at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline if you or someone you know is considering suicide.

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