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Tony Hughes Mother Disapproves Jeffrey-Inspired Halloween Costumes!

One of the moms of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims has spoken out, calling the costumes “extremely upsetting” as they continue to trade on online marketplaces like eBay. Shirley Hughes, the mother of Tony Hughes, said that seeing individuals costumed as the monster was already distressing after watching “Dahmer-Monster: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer.”

Dahmer Costumes Are Super Triggering

The mother of Tony Hughes, one of the 17 victims of Dahmer, has spoken out against Jeffrey-inspired Halloween outfits. The horrific outfits are “just exploiting the Milwaukee fiend’s 17 victims, and torturing their families,” Shirley Hughes claimed in an interview.

She claimed that just viewing the Dahmer series was traumatic in and of itself, never mind witnessing people enjoy Halloween by dressing as the “Milwaukee Cannibal.” Shirley claimed that Dahmer’s reign of terror wasn’t exactly how it was shown in the series.

The mother of the 85-year-old Tony who passed away remarked on Netflix, “I don’t see how they can do that.” I fail to see how they can exploit our names and publish such things. Families of the victims voiced strong opposition to the series, saying they had already experienced it and didn’t want to watch it again.

The Halloween costumes that are quickly selling are inspired by Dahmer and feature his distinctive sunglasses, wigs, and short-sleeve button-down shirts along with pictures of a young child acting as Dahmer for a mugshot. I also eat individuals like you for breakfast, among other such sweaters.

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Dahmer Costumes Attract Massive Outrage…

Dahmer’s costumes have become a hot topic as Halloween draws near. Halloween costumes based on Jeffrey Dahmer are in high demand on eBay, including reproductions of his thin-framed glasses and sweaters that read, “I eat guys like you for breakfast.” Surprisingly, several of the props available for purchase are intended for kids’ costumes.

For instance, a young person’s social media coverage of the Milwaukee Cannibal just became viral. Online sellers claim that Jeffrey’s outfits are simple to assemble. Aside from his striped shirt tucked into khaki slacks and filthy blonde wig, his imitation glasses are also available on eBay for $19.86 each.

There has been a great deal of indignation from those who think it is improper to dress as the Milwaukee Monster. Many people on social media advised others to quit emulating serial killers. The purchase of such costumes, according to several online users, is “not only disgusting but also harmful toward the relatives of the victims.”

People are already thinking of dressing up like Jeffrey Dahmer for Halloween, one Twitter user remarked, adding that the television show was the worst thing that could have happened. Attention white people, another person wrote. STOP MAKING TICKTOCK ABOUT JEFFREY DAHMER AND DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT DRESS AS HIM FOR HALLOWEEN. Gen Z requires counseling. Do not glorify serial killers.

17 unarmed men and boys, predominantly persons of color, were sexually assaulted, killed, and mutilated by Jeffrey Dahmer. Despite being denounced by the victims’ families, Netflix’s Monster has overtaken Stranger Things as the second-most watched show. However, the series has already experienced a significant response from the victims’ families of Jeffrey.


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