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What is Tim Burton Net Worth? A Closer Look Into His Personal and Professional Life!


Tim Burton is a filmmaker recognized for his surreal manner, gothic aesthetic, and use of practical effects in his films. Not only does he enjoy theatrics, but he also enjoys Christmas and Halloween, using both holidays as themes in many of his films, sometimes even at the same time.

Tim Burton, an American film director, producer, writer, and artist, is predicted to have a net worth of $150 million USD as of 2022.

Johnny Depp, Michael Keaton, his now-ex-wife Helena Bonham Carter, and musical composer Danny Elfman are among the directors’ regular cast and staff.

Burton rose to Hollywood royalty in the 1990s after achieving critical acclaim in the 1980s with films such as Beetlejuice, Batman, Edward Scissorhands, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Burton is well-known for his distinct gothic fantasy and horror flair.

Personal Information

Real Name: Timothy Walter Burton
Popular Name: Tim Burton
Born: August 25, 1958
Birth Place: Burbank, California, United States
Birth Sign: Virgo
Height: 1.80 meters
Weight: 75 Kg
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse: Lena Gieseke (from 1987 to 1991)
Girlfriend: Lisa Marie (from 1993 to 2001)Helena Bonham Carter (from 2001 to 2014)
Children: Yes, he has 2 children
Profession: Artist, Director, and Producer
Net Worth: $150 million

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Early Life and Childhood

tim burton net worth

Tim Burton was born in Burbank, California, on August 25, 1958. He is the son of William “Bill” Burton and Jean Burton. His father played baseball and his mother ran a gift shop. Both of them, however, died.

Burton attended Providencia Elementary School in Burbank. He then showed up at Burbank High School. Then he went to the California Institute of the Arts to study character animation.


Tim Burton has always been interested in the arts since he was a child. He previously worked as an animator and graphic designer. He even worked as a concept artist in a few well-known films.

It’s truly magnificent when it comes to discussing his directorial and producing career. Tim Burton has directed a slew of memorable pictures over the course of his career. Apart from that, he has produced a number of outstanding films.

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What made him so successful?

Though the Burton aesthetic has been extensively parodied, few other filmmakers can be considered auteurs, as most productions are reduced to a checklist that the costume and set design departments must complete.

With its gothic set design and Danny Elfman’s jangly piano music, even general audiences can recognize a Burton production a mile away. And, even when the industry shifted to computer-generated effects, the director insisted on using practical effects instead, resulting in some of the most aesthetically spectacular films of the 1990s and 2000s. With his shaggy hair and black shades, even the filmmaker himself has a gothic appearance about him, and his identity is even advertised and sold on mugs and posters!

Burton boosted Johnny Depp’s cinematic career by trusting him to carry entire films on his shoulders, despite the fact that he didn’t discover him.

In exchange, Depp helped Burton’s next films become commercial triumphs as he established himself as a bankable movie star. The director has collaborated with Depp on eight occasions, with Depp starring in each of them.

The two have made over two billion dollars for studios as a team. But Depp isn’t the only actor with whom Burton has had a symbiotic relationship; the director essentially molded Keaton into the man he is now. It’s partnerships like this that help directors thrive, whether it’s as the zany titular character in Beetlejuice, then in the Batman series, and even years later with Dumbo.

Burton has developed a strong working relationship with Disney in recent years, and there is no more lucrative film studio with which to associate.

Burton has collaborated with Disney three times, the first being the smash-hit version of Alice in Wonderland, followed by Frankenweenie and Dumbo last year.

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Personal Life

tim burton net worth

Tim Burton married Lena Gieseke, a German artist, in 1987. Their marriage, however, was short-lived. In 1991, the couple split after four years of marriage.

Then he began dating Lisa Marie, a model, and actress. In fact, they dated from 1993 to 2001. He afterward married Helena Bonham Carter and moved in with her. They spanned the years 2001 to 2014. Tim Burton does, after all, have a few children.

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Burton’s Net Worth

Burton has made several memorable films that have become part of mainstream culture. Tim Burton’s estimated net worth is $150 million as a result of this. Students will have posters of Burton’s films on their walls for decades to come.

Though Burton’s next project is unknown, he has been working on a number of projects for years, including speculations of a Beetlejuice sequel. It’s conceivable today more than ever, thanks to Michael Keaton’s spectacular return.

Property Investments

When Burton and Bonham Carter were dating, they famously shared two London residences that were connected. Bonham Carter got possession of the dual property after the couple split up, while Burton purchased a new mansion nearby for $14 million.

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