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Tamron Hall on New Daytime Host Sherri Shepherd’s First Daytime Win and Her Advice: “know Your Intentions.”

Tamron Hall on Her Second Emmy Win and Advice for New Daytime Host Sherri Shepherd: 'Know Your Intention'

The 51-year-old spoke out to PEOPLE on Saturday on how a few years can make a world of difference in a city like New Orleans.

According to Hall, the last time he was in the area was in 2019, when the show had just premiered. So, here I am with my second Emmy in a row. This natural high we’re experiencing is wonderful.”

It was weird for Hall when she learned she had won again. “I was in the audience, and we were back in person. ‘ At home, “Zoom” was used to teach her how to accept her first Emmy Award.

Being in that room with my colleagues and my team and receiving that distinction was just… an honor in itself.” I’m still in disbelief at the news. So when my executive producer Quiana Burns asked if she had heard anything, I replied, ‘Oh my god!’ and she confirmed that she had.

Hall’s favorite part of the experience was bringing the trophy home to her favorite young fan.

According to Hall, her 3-year-old son, Moses, “the finest moment” came when he opened a gift box with his father, Steve Greener.

He unwrapped the package when I returned home on a redeye flight. Emmy statuette in his hands… I was perplexed and said, ‘What is that?’ ‘Emmy’ was all he said. It was truly one of a kind.”

According to Hall, the honors are “a confirmation in ways that I’m only now absorbing.” Hall famously stepped away from her post on the Today show in 2017.

As she continues, “I don’t think about people who thought I couldn’t do it now that the show is true.” My mind wanders back to the folks who advised me how to do it, and how you do it is through interacting with others.”

Tamron is currently in its fourth season and has already been extended for a fifth, so Hall is more than glad to share her wisdom with aspiring daytime stars.

When asked what advice she would give Sherri Shepherd, who is also in town at Essence Fest to promote her new program and give away a brand new Ford automobile, Hall relies on the wisdom of TV aristocracy.

“I got my advice from Oprah Winfrey. Always know what you want. What’s the point of it all? This story and this conversation have a purpose,” Hall enlightens us.

It’s not simply a light for television, either. That can serve as a beacon for the rest of your life. What do you want to accomplish? This advice was given to me by the finest person who ever accomplished it, therefore I’m passing it on.”


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