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Stormi Jenner, 4, captures her mom’s no makeup first TikTok video


When it comes to TikTok, Kylie Jenner, 24, has been showing her 4-year-old daughter Stormi the ropes. In the first-ever self-filmed video on the famous social media platform, the beauty entrepreneur went makeup-free.

While her mother was eating noodles at the table, she videotaped her own face with a crushed filter before handing the camera and filter back to her mother.

As Kylie captioned the video, “Stormi’s first tik tok,” with a laughing emoji, the video was shared on her own TikTok profile. As soon as the July video was posted, admirers began to leave comments.

While one admirer remarked, “Stormi, you look like mommy,” another gushed, “so absolutely cute.” A follower wrote, “I can’t wait for Stormi’s Instagram,” alongside an emoji of laughter.

Stormi Jenner, 4, captures her mom's no makeup first TikTok video

In the weeks leading up to Stormi Jenner,s TikTok debut, Kylie and Stormi’s father Travis Scott made headlines for being spotted out on a date night.

The couple, who have a five-month-old son, dined at Catch restaurant in Los Angeles on July 9 while holding hands. Kylie wore a peach long-sleeve little dress, while Travis Scott wore a graphic sweater and trousers. They both looked chic.

When Kylie posted a video of Stormi trying on numerous styles of her heels, she also made headlines. In addition to the usual black, white, and brown, there were also pink, orange, and other sandal-like heels.

In her blue and white striped pajama bottoms, the small child posed for the camera while walking next to her mom, who was also modeling shoes.

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