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After Settling in Las Vegas for A While, Adele Intends to Return to School to Earn a Degree.!


p>Adele wants to enhance her already great CV by adding a college degree to it.

It has been revealed that after she completes her eagerly awaited and postponed residency at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, she plans to pursue post-graduate studies.

Adele plans to study English Literature

Adele has stated that she plans to earn a degree in English Literature from Birmingham University after completing her eagerly anticipated residency in Las Vegas. During a recent Q&A she held in Los Angeles that The Sun published, she mentioned that she will soon be enrolling in a degree program.

She reportedly stated, “After Vegas, I want to acquire a degree in English Literature. If I hadn’t succeeded at singing, I probably would have become a teacher. I believe I would teach English literature.

Settling in Las Vegas for A While, Adele Intends to Return to School to Earn a Degree

Adele’s assertion that she felt “I employ my passion for English literature in what I do” was further stressed. I wish I had attended college even though it’s unlikely that I would get a job with my degree now. I wish I had gone through that.

Sadly, Adele’s fans who had been hoping to sit next to her during a Shakespeare lecture are out of luck. She goes into more detail on the point, though, as she won’t be attending university any time soon.

The study will either be done online or with a tutor’s help, depending on her needs. Adele is getting ready to go to school in 2025, and she just plans to learn in order to get the credentials she needs for the career she desires.

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As Of November 18, The Vocalist Will Begin Her Residency At The Venue

As part of the vocalist’s residency, eight more shows will be added to the 24 rescheduled performances planned for November 18. Adele made the decision to step down from the show’s leadership just one day before its scheduled debut. Instead, she expressed her gratitude to her supporters.

Words just cannot express how thrilled I am to finally be able to announce these rescheduled performances. I was genuinely devastated to cancel them,” she said in a statement. But now that I’ve spent an age planning the logistics for the concert I want to put on and am confident it can happen, I’m more thrilled than ever!

Settling in Las Vegas for A While, Adele Intends to Return to School to Earn a Degree

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2023 Is The End Of Adele’s Residency

Beginning on March 25, 2023, Adele will occupy the Royal Albert Hall until March 25, 2024. Only a small number of tickets are available for the play’s 32 performances. Priority will be given to people who bought tickets for the original performance dates or were on waiting.

The planned timetable for this year’s performances was for them to begin on January 21 and continue through the middle of April. The COVID-19 event was delayed, therefore the performances were postponed earlier this year.

Settling in Las Vegas for A While, Adele Intends to Return to School to Earn a Degree

Adele wants to increase her credentials. Do you support Adele’s choice to pursue her education? Please share your ideas with us.


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