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What is Sarah Willingham Net Worth in 2022? Her Career, Married Life, and Many More Less Known Facts.


Sarah Louise Willingham is a British entrepreneur, investor, and consumer advocate best known for her management of high-street restaurants like Planet Hollywood and Pizza Express, as well as her appearances on the thirteenth and fourteenth series of Dragons’ Den as a “Dragon.”

The Sunday Times and Management Today named Willingham one of the 35 most accomplished women under the age of 35.

While working with the Clapham House Group, Willingham purchased the Bombay Bicycle Club. She was able to successfully extend the Bombay Bicycle Club from a six-restaurant chain to a seventeen-restaurant chain.

Early Life

sarah willingham net worth

Sarah Willingham, who was born on December 21, 1973, began her profession at the age of 13 and spent her early years working in some of the country’s most prestigious restaurants.

Sarah Willingham is a Stoke-on-Trent native. She earned two business degrees in the United Kingdom and France, as well as an MBA from Cranfield University, after graduating from high school.

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Sarah earned business degrees from Oxford Brookes University and the École supérieure de commerce de la rochelle in France.
Sarah’s career took off in 2004 when she co-founded Neutrahealth plc, an AIM-listed firm that rapidly held six vitamin and mineral supplement businesses before being sold, undoubtedly making her a large sum of money.

In the same year, Sarah purchased a stake in The Bombay Bicycle Club, a faltering Indian restaurant chain that she quickly transformed into the UK’s largest.

sarah willingham net worth
Sarah purchased the restaurants with The Clapham House Group and sold her portion to them in 2007.
As a major board director for three of their brands, Tootsies, The Real Greek, and The Bombay Bicycle Club, the investor has kept her fortune expanding.

She worked as a restaurant inspector and investor in three seasons of Raymond Blanc’s The Restaurant, as well as an investor in Sky’s Cooks to Market.
She invested in six different firms during her time on Dragon’s Den, all of which are sure to have contributed to her tremendous wealth.

The businesswoman has also boosted her bank account by investing in the London Cocktail Club, which currently has eight locations.

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Personal Life

Sarah Willingham is married to Michael Willingham-Toxvaerd and they have four children, according to our records.

sarah willingham net worth

Willingham launched letssavemoney in July 2012, a free money-saving website intended at helping individuals take control of their time and be wise with their money by pushing users to take action through one-minute tips on various facets of money-saving.

Sarah Willingham stopped Letssavemoney in 2018 due to her increasing family and a lack of editorial resources.

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Sarah Willingham’s Net Worth

Sarah Willingham’s net worth isn’t the most of any of the Dragons Den dragons, but it’s more than $19 million, and with her ‘family-first’ mindset, it doesn’t matter.

When she sold the Bombay Bicycle Club, it had roughly 17 restaurants around the country. At the moment, she had the ability to bring the total to nearly 50. Despite this, she sold the business to the parent company, the Clapham Group, in order to devote more time to her family.

Sarah Willingham, a celebrity Dragon’s Den contestant, places a high value on her four children and husband.

Her first enjoyment, which she admits to, is traveling with her family. Diamonds and investments are well down the list.

“I would never jeopardize my family’s safety,” she claims.

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