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Ramona Singer Claims She Won’t Be Returning to “Rhony” Any Time Soon.


Insofar as it is concerned, Ramona Singer handles her departure from “Real Housewives of New York City” perfectly.

The seasoned reality star has been replaced, along with several other cast members, by a totally new group of women, the majority of whom appear to be much younger than she is.

Singer Confirms That She Will No Longer Be On ‘RHONY’

Ramona Singer’s announcement of her departure from the series “Real Housewives of New York City” does not appear to be causing any controversy.

The seasoned reality actress claims she doesn’t even recognize any of the new leads who have joined the program, despite the fact that some of the older cast members have been replaced by a younger group of ladies.

Of course, it’s possible they’ll duplicate her, but she really hopes they won’t. They’ll have to pay her to teach them how to do so if they want to become icons like her, so if they want, they’ll have to pay her.

“I don’t know anything about the new cast. I love Bravo, but I have no idea who they are yet, the actress admitted. I hope they are as talented as Sonja Morgan, Luann de Lesseps, and I were—you know, just as talented as the original group.

Ramona Singer Claims She Won't Be Returning to "Rhony" Any Time Soon.

The Following Are The New Members Who Will Be Part Of The Show

Some of the new stars include Brynn Whitfield, a brand marketing and communications specialist, Jenna Lyons, Ubah Hassan, Erin Dana Lichy, Lizzy Savetsky, Jessel Thank, and Sai De Silva, a former creative director of J.Crew.

In March, the network revealed plans to revamp the program and launch a second “Legacy” series that would feature audience favorites from earlier seasons. Furthermore, it was revealed in October 2022 that the BravoCon 2022 cast would return for Season 14.

Singer responds that it would be “the worst thing to do” for newlywed women to watch old episodes of “RHONY” for advice. Singer, 65, is, nevertheless, willing to lend her skills as a “consultant” if they must rely on her for ideas.

Who is Ramona Singer?

The singer participated in all 13 of the show’s seasons between 2008 and 2021, making her one of the cast members with the longest tenure. Dorinda Medley, Leah McSweeney, Eboni K. Williams, Bethenny Frankel, and others were among her contemporaries and adversaries.

A true entrepreneur known for creating her products, Ramona Singer created the anti-aging skincare serum “Ageless by Ramona.” The goal of Ramona’s business is to offer the greatest products possible by using the best components, formulae, and advantages. Ageless by Ramona is quite reasonably priced on Amazon Prime.

Ramona Singer Claims She Won't Be Returning to "Rhony" Any Time Soon.

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Ramona is extremely driven to help women and children who are victims of domestic abuse after seeing her mother’s abuse. Ramona has dedicated her life to assisting women and kids who have experienced domestic violence.

Ramona joined the Africa Foundation/And Beyond, an organisation that funds and constructs schools for kids in Africa on behalf of the Africa Foundation/And Beyond because she firmly believes that children are the future.

Ramona has been spending much-needed quality time with her family in Florida, but she is delighted to be home in her magnificent apartment from the early 1960s and is determined to pursue her dream of becoming a real estate broker.

Ramona Singer Claims She Won't Be Returning to "Rhony" Any Time Soon.

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Fans are probably going to miss the shows. Please let me know when the hardest moment is if you need more details. What are your thoughts on the two, in your opinion? Let’s watch how they perform when they collaborate. Tell us based on the celebration and with them in mind.

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