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Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan Are Expecting Their Second Child Together.!


Following the couple’s declaration that they were growing their family through the birth of a kid, a new member has now joined it.

The actress and Paul Dano, her partner, are expecting their second child together. The couple already has a daughter, who was born into the world last year, as part of their family.

The Actress Showed Off Her Baby Bump Last Month

The 39-year-old actress appeared beside Dano, who is acting in Kazan’s upcoming film She Said, on the red carpet at Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center for the 60th annual New York Film Festival, revealing her baby bulge a month ago.

On the cover of Marie Claire’s Power Issue, the Big Sick actress displays her pregnancy. She is additionally pictured alongside actress Olivia Wilde, journalist Jodi Kantor, and She Said star Carey Mulligan.

Kazan’s officials did not respond right away, while Dano’s reps were unable to respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan Are Expecting Their Second Child Together

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It Was Announced In October 2018 That The Couple Had Given Birth To Their First Child

In October 2018, the couple shared the news that they had given birth to their first child as part of their appearance as guests on The Tonight Show. Dano, 38, said in the interview that the couple’s young daughter was born eight weeks earlier, but he was unable to provide a precise birth date.

Jimmy Fallon congratulated him on the birth of a cute, adorable newborn child and inquired as to how he felt about being a first-time father. He also inquired into his thoughts on the matter. In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Kazan acknowledged that juggling the obligations of parenting and her acting career could be challenging at times.

While combining work and family life is a topic that is frequently discussed, she added that juggling your priorities can be particularly challenging. “I wanted to be the one to drive my kid to preschool for the first time, but I couldn’t since I thought this work wasn’t as important as that. And the opposite.

Regarding her experience working on She Said, she continued, “I was just so relieved to read a script where it was represented and where I could put that part of myself in there.” And having [Megan and Jodi] and [their] experiences, as well as Carey [Mulligan] and her experiences, gave me encouragement. It gave me a sense of community.

They Met On Stage In Things We Want, A 2007 Play

When Kazan and Dano first met on stage in the 2007 play Things We Want, they were motivated to collaborate. The two have since travelled extensively and are now engaged. In addition to their on-screen romance, the two have also remained close.

Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan Are Expecting Their Second Child Together

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They have worked together on multiple occasions, including the 2012 movie Ruby Sparks. In the film, the pair co-starred in the lead role, and Kazan wrote the screenplay. In a 2012 interview with The New York Times, Dano talked about his longtime partner and their collaboration on the movie.

I think Zoe did a terrific job for me in the movie, but what I loved the most was that she didn’t try to make Calvin and Ruby into personalities; they were just Calvin and Ruby, not Paul and Zoe.

Let’s send the couple our warmest wishes for the future, especially because they anticipate holding their second child in a short time.

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