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Nikita Dragun Was Charged with Felony Battery and Arrested After an Alleged Incident at A Nude Pool.


Nikita Dragun, a popular YouTuber, was detained on Monday, November 8 in connection with the alleged battery at a Miami Beach hotel.

Following reports that a woman was causing a disturbance and roaming the pool area naked, authorities were called to the scene. Four offenses, including violence on an officer and disorderly behavior, were brought against the 26-year-old celebrity.

All About The Nude Pool Incident…

Nikita Dragun, a prominent figure on social media, was detained on Monday (Nov. 8) at a hotel in Miami Beach and charged on four counts, including battery on a police officer and disorderly behavior.

According to the arrest record, police responded to complaints about a woman “creating a disturbance and wandering around the pool area naked” at the Good Times Hotel at 601 Washington Avenue.

Nikita Dragun Was Charged with Felony Battery and Arrested

Before going to her room, the 26-year-old transsexual woman tossed a water bottle at the hotel staff. She slammed the door in the faces of the security personnel when they requested her to turn down the music. Soon after, when police were called to the site, Nikita reportedly opened the door once more and reportedly asked security, “Do you want more?”


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Nikita Dragun (@nikitadragun) shared a blog entry.

She then swung an open water bottle, hitting the security guard and the officer and causing water to flow, according to the police, which led to her detention. She persisted in acting inappropriately and being a bother despite numerous warnings.

She was even forewarned by the police that she might be made to leave the premises.

Who Is Nikita Dragun?

She was then taken into custody by the police and taken to the Turner Gilford Knight Correctional Facility. She was detained for misdemeanor battery, misdemeanor disorderly conduct, and misdemeanor battery on a police officer. She’s being jailed right now on a $5,000 bond.

Nikita Nguyen, also known as Nikita Dragun in the business, is a model, make-up artist, and YouTuber. On YouTube, the well-known social media influencer has more than 3.5 million subscribers. She rose to fame for her work on cosmetics and beauty items and today has over 9 million Instagram followers as well as 14 million TikTok followers.


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Nikita previously posted video of herself being handcuffed on Saturday in Miami (Nov. 5). It’s not obvious if that post had anything to do with her most recent arrests, even if she didn’t name the incident.

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Nikita Dragun (@nikitadragun) shared a blog entry.

The world is controlled by dolls, she captioned the photo. Mami I apologize. I swear I’m not behind bars anymore. You are aware of The Dolls’ unrest in Miami, sister. The only location where La Dragona can receive treatment worthy of a princess.

Nikita debuted “Dragun Beauty,” her makeup collection, in March 2019. The transgender population is another target market for cosmetic products.

These goods are vegan and free of animal testing. In an interview, she acknowledged that Dragun Beauty’s products were inspired by her own experience as a transgender woman.

Nikita Dragun Was Charged with Felony Battery and Arrested

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In terms of awards, the “Escape the Night” actress took home the “beauty” prize at both the 12th Annual Shorty Awards (2020) and the 2019 Streamy Awards. In an episode of “Real Housewives” of Beverly Hills, she also made an appearance.

The 26-year-old social media star faced severe reaction after it was claimed that she “copied” her brand of press-on nails for a tiny business in the past. Dragun has not provided any more information about her bail in relation to her most recent arrest.

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