Nadine Lustre is Pregnant – The Actress Confirmed Her Pregnancy on her Youtube Channel in 2022

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Nadine Lustre Is Pregnant, and She Shared the News On Her Youtube Channel

Is the news, on the other hand, correct? Let’s have a look at it.

However, it sparked conjecture that she was on maternity leave to keep her baby tummy hidden from view. However, all of the rumours were subsequently proven to be untrue. After all, it was 2017.

We are unable to confirm if the story is true this time because we were unable to locate her YouTube channel. Her Instagram images also don’t show any apparent pregnancy bumps.

In 2020, they did, however, announce their breakup. After the split, Lustre takes a long time to recover.

Nadine Lustre‘s admirers were taken aback by the announcement that she is expecting a child. They were probably completely unaware that she was having a child. People have flooded her with delighted messages on social media, despite their surprise at the news.

Nadine Lustre Boyfriend: The Actress Spotted With Her Rumoured Beau! -  OtakuKart

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Nadine Lustre Debunked the rumors About her Pregnancy

Nadine Lustre confirmed the news on her YouTube page, prompting speculation that she is expecting a child. On social media, a screenshot of the video is currently circulating.

According to Viral Feed, the subject of her having a baby has piqued the interest of many people since reports of her and her partner expecting a child spread throughout the internet several years ago.

Her beloved brother Isaiah, who had committed suicide, had recently passed away. To recover from the agony, she had taken a break from work and gone on vacation.

She even went skiing a few days ago with her current beau.

She would have shared a video she had uploaded to YouTube across all of her social media accounts if she had done so.

We were, however, unable to find any.

As a result, the screenshots are almost certainly forgeries or the result of photo manipulation.

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What Is Nadine Lustre’s Boyfriend’s Name?

Nadine Lustre’s new boyfriend is Christophe Bariou.

Nadine at rumored BF, holding hands sa Siargao

She had previously been married to James Reid, a singer.

She made her romance with Christophe official in 2022 by publishing love photos of the two of them on social media. Lustre’s name began to circulate on the internet after he admitted their relationship as the owner and managing director of Maison Bukana, an island boutique hotel.

However, we have no idea how long they’ve been dating.

Despite this, the public had only been aware of their blossoming romance for a few months.

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Nadine Lustre’s Net Worth

Nadine Lustre is one of the wealthiest TV actresses and one of the most popular. Nadine Lustre’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.

She hosted a Radio Philippines Network (RPN) show named Storyland when she was nine years old.

Lustre was a founding member of the Pop Girls, a girl group formed by Viva Entertainment in 2009. Lailah and Mariam Bustria, Diana Pama Aller, Rose Ginkel, and Shy Carlos are also in the group alongside Lustre. She eventually quit the band to pursue a solo career in music.

Lustre performed the lead female part Anika Andres in Wansapanataym’s month-long special entitled My App Boyfie, which aired on ABS-CBN in October 2014.

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