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Meghan King Says She and Jim Edmonds Have a ‘horrible Relationship’ After Splitting with Him


In an interview on Caroline Stanbury’s Divorced Not Dead podcast, Meghan, 37, said that she and her ex-husband, 52-year-old Jim are still together.

She admitted, “We have a worse connection now than we did before we separated.”

Coparenting is “awful,” according to the reality star, who added that it has a “detrimental effect on the children and on us as humans.”

“There are times when I want to curl up in a ball and not come out.” She continued, “It’s really overwhelming.”

Meghan did, however, have some complimentary things to say about her seven-year marriage to Jim.

Meghan King says she and Jim Edmonds have a 'horrible relationship' after splitting with him

A mature, honest connection had me completely smitten. There is no doubt in my mind that divorce was one of the most difficult experiences of my life.

Meghan said, “I think I was the mature one in that relationship.” despite Jim being 14 years her senior.

Aspen, five, and twin boys Hayes and Hart, four, are the children of Meghan and her ex-baseball player boyfriend.

They ended their relationship in October 2019 when reports circulated that Jim was cheating on her.

At the time, the MLB alum said, “Unfortunately, I had an error in judgment. ” This person and I had an uncomfortable talk. There was no romantic or physical connection at any point. There isn’t any.”

Following the divorce, Meghan King described herself to Caroline as “callused” and “scarred.”

By filing for divorce, Jim acknowledged a “sexting affair,” and she was “blindsided” by it, she alleged.

They can only communicate with each other today because of an app that was mandated by the court.

Meghan married Joe Biden‘s nephew Cuffe Owens in October 2021 after their divorce was finalized in May 2021.

After just two months, their marriage was annulled.

The native of St. Louis is currently investigating the possibility of meeting someone through the internet.

Jim, meantime, is engaged to Kortnie O’Connor, a model, and they plan to get married in the fall.

A social media influencer, Meghan says she has “majority custody” of her and her ex-three husband’s children, and she earns a living to help her care for them.

During Caroline’s podcast, she cryptically stated, “You’re going to witness some changes with me and my career in the future.”

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