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Marshawn Lynch Tattoos – Lynch and Wilson Made Special Tattooed Footballs – NFL Players Did It For Charity

Marshawn Lynch Tattoos - Lynch and Wilson Made Special Tattooed Footballs - NFL Players Did It For Charity

Marshawn Lynch is a methodical individual. That is to say, he only does what he wants, and he has certainly earned that right at this stage in his NFL career.

Lynch, for one, has already resigned from football, announcing his retirement with a simple tweet on Super Bowl Sunday in 2016. He opted to play again after a year off, unretiring to join the Oakland Raiders, his local team. He’s already won a championship, cemented his reputation as a force of nature in the league with some amazing runs, and is very conscious of his public image.

So when Lynch does something, you know it’s for a reason. That’s why, when Wilson approached Lynch about collaborating on an auction of one-of-a-kind footballs, it was evident that the project would incorporate some of Lynch’s signature aesthetic. The NFL‘s official pigskin supplier teamed up with Lynch and tattoo artist B.J. Betts to create some bespoke footballs tattooed with motifs close to Lynch’s heart, which will be auctioned off for charity.

This may come as no surprise, but Marshawn Lynch can be difficult to reach – if my transcription records are correct, his dog walker was engaged in getting him on the phone at one point. But once Lynch got on the phone, he was enthralled by the initiative, and a lot of it had to do with Wilson’s efforts to assist the Fam1st Foundation, which oversees a variety of projects for Oakland’s youngsters.

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In a phone conversation with Uproxx, Lynch said, “Pretty much all of the stuff that I do, whether it’s marketing, endorsements, or anything like that, usually I make sure there’s always a charity component to toward my foundation.” “If you knew anything about me, you’d have to say that’s quite usual.”

Lynch is known for his aversion to reporters, but it was evident that the custom football project had piqued his interest. Betts used some of Lynch’s existing tattoos and drawings, including his distinctive “Beast Mode” tagline. When the Raiders played in London earlier in the season, Lynch collaborated with Wilson to create a unique ball, but this was considerably more complicated.

“The first one was just a copy of a pattern that I already had, and they just made the pattern based on a garment that I already owned,” Marshawn Lynch explained. “However, with the second one, they became a little more expressive with the tattoo artist.” The procedure itself is simple.”

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Betts stated of the opportunity to work with football leather to create tattoo art, “I like pushing art to various heights and I 100% believe this was.”

Before seeing these footballs, it never occurred to me that you could tattoo a football. Lynch stated the end product was really stunning when I questioned whether he knew it was feasible.

Lynch answered, “Well, I knew a football was pigskin.” “What I didn’t realize was that the healing process would resemble something that had been done on human flesh.”

In his career, Lynch has had some pretty cool things happen to him. Back in the day, the Bills created a Beast Mode cartoon to play in Ralph Wilson Stadium, and Oregon had a bobblehead of him riding a golf cart during his time at Cal. So I had to inquire as to where getting footballs tattooed in your honor stands among your most unusual professional accomplishments.

He explained, “It’s very high because it’s something new and something I haven’t done before.” “It was quite cool to witness the actual work on the football.”

The auction started on Thursday and will end at midnight on February 3rd.

Lynch asked if I remembered those cartoons the Bills used to show on the video board at the stadium after some of his great runs when we were done talking on the phone. I replied sure, explaining that I grew up as a Bills fan.

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“Dawg, I’ve got to find that advertisement,” Lynch added. “It’s very likely that they found it on YouTube.”

You can, in a sense, but I told him I’d see what I could locate and send it this way. Given that these footballs will end up in the hands of some charitable people, he seemed to appreciate the offer to track it down.

Lynch replied, “Hell yeah.” “Big dog, that’d be platinum.”

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