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The 1975’s Lead Singer Matty Healy Eats Raw Meat Onstage During a Show in New York City.


Onstage, some strange food indulgence! Frontman Matty Healy of the 1975 band was caught on camera devouring raw meat. The singer made the decision to consume a whole slab of raw beef in front of the audience as he and his band were giving a concert in NYC.

Before finishing his evening meal, Healy performed some sensual dances to enhance the visuals. The 33-year-mother, old’s English actress Denise Welch, was also watching him from the audience. To learn more about Healy’s meat act, keep reading.

Matty Healy Eats Raw Meat Live Onstage

1975, an American band presently on tour, played at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Monday night.

Matty Healy eats raw meat onstage

Matty Healy, the band’s frontman and rhythm guitarist, faked masturbating at one point during the performance by ripping off his shirt and getting down on his knees. The audience gasped as he then took a sizable slice of flesh and began gorging on it.

Healy persisted in chewing and swallowing the uncooked meat. Twitch users who were watching a live stream of the concert by the British band also caught the moment. It’s unclear what kind of animal was killed for Healy’s onstage supper, although it appeared to be a bone-in chop.

Denise Welch, Healy’s mother, attended the event as well and later tweeted a picture from outside the venue with the caption, “Oh what a night!” The singer’s meat-devouring behavior’s motivation is still a mystery.

Fans Shocked by the Singer s Move

Social media users are now sharing the video of Healy chewing on raw meat and expressing their shock at the action. The fact that I just witnessed Matty Healy grope himself onstage and consume a raw steak before slinking into a screen is incomprehensible to my 18-year-old self, the user stated.

Imagine attending a 1975 concert without knowing much about them, and then Matt Healy starts smoking, touching himself, eating raw steak, and performing push-ups on stage, a fan tweeted.

Matty Healy eats raw meat onstage

A third person said, “Mom is going to see The 1975 tomorrow. How do I explain to her that she might witness Matt Healy touch himself on stage or devour raw meat which is a VERY different feeling than when she came to see ILIWYS with me.”

Matty Healy Pulled Off Another Bizarre Act Last Week

This isn’t the first time Matty has garnered attention for his unusual stage antics. The singer was smoking on a sofa during one of The 1975’s performances just last week when he began unbuttoning his shirt and came dangerously close to touching his crotch.

When one fan tweeted, “rip to anyone coming to this event with their parents,” Denise Welch responded, “What about when you ARE the parent!” Matty had also become a hot subject at the time. A different user made light of the situation by joking, “I am very much enjoying waking up every day to see videos of what odd thing Matty Healy did on stage last night.”


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