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Katie And Tom Divorce – ‘The Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Announced Their Divorce


Katie and Tom jointly announced the news on Instagram, which comes after Katie was seen without her ring several times in recent weeks, leading to speculation that they’d broken up.

Katie Maloney-Schwartz and Tom Schwartz have decided to end their relationship.

“I never dreamed I’d be forced to say something like this.” But I believe it is vital that I be completely honest with you about my personal life.” On Tuesday afternoon, Katie made the announcement in a statement. “After a 12-year journey through life together, Tom and I are dissolving our marriage.”

“There is no hostility or bitterness toward this result, and there are no sides to choose from.” She said, “We will always have deep admiration for one another, and we appreciate our friendship.” “Even if our paths diverge, we will continue to love and encourage one another’s happiness.”

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Tom also released a lengthy, open statement in which he indicated that he was afraid to say they were divorcing rather than splitting because the truth of the situation was too terrible.

“Well, that’s unfortunate. In a f**kin prefabricated Instagram caption, I have no idea how I’m going, to sum up, 12 years of love. I’m not sure which picture I should use. Is there a go-to font for text breaks?” Tom began his assignment. “I wanted to put an end to some rumors that had been going around.” Katie and I are getting divorced. Because it hurts too much, I’m not ready to say the ‘D-word.

My heart is hurting, yet I’m fine. With this, I’m not attempting to generate sympathy. I haven’t been wronged in any way. I’m not going to compose a depressing tune. I absolutely support Katie’s decision, and we’ve had healthy, productive discussions about it.”

Tom said that it would be “far sadder if she chose to stay with me while unhappy.”

In his slideshow, Tom also included a number of images of the pair from various points in their relationship.

Fans suspected the couple had broken up when Katie tweeted a photo with buddy Stassi Schroeder on March 10 and she wasn’t wearing her wedding band.

After dating for several years, Katie and Tom married in a televised wedding in 2016. However, due to lost papers, the union was allegedly not legally binding. The couple married legally and officially in 2019.

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Katie Maloney confessed months before the breakup allegations appeared that her marriage to Tom Schwartz wasn’t ‘perfect.’

Katie Maloney admitted to Page Six exclusively in January that her marriage to Tom Schwartz was “not great,” months before rumors of a split began to swirl online.

“Of course, none of us is perfect.” We have a lot of squabbles.” “We don’t try to hide our flaws,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star said, referring to her on-again, off-again relationship with Schwartz, which has been well-documented on Bravo.

She went on to note that the couple’s devotion to sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly of their home life has been “very beneficial” to their relationship’s durability.

Maloney, 35, and Schwartz, 39, married in 2019 after dating for nearly a decade – two years after a wedding ceremony shown on “Pump Rules” that was not legally binding.

“When individuals attempt to appear like they have a great relationship, that’s when things may kind of break apart because it can be difficult to keep it up,” the “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast host stated in her interview with Page Six.

“Because we’re not afraid to say what we’re thinking… we’re living the truth.”

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