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What was Joyce Carol Vincent Cause of Death? Dead in Flat for 3 years!


Joyce Carol Vincent was born in Hammersmith, London on October 19, 1965. Lawrence, her father, worked as a carpenter. Vincent’s parents had moved to London from Grenada. Vincent was Douglas. Her father was of African ethnicity, while her mother was Indian. Joyce Vincent was the eldest of her parents’ five daughters.

Vincent’s mother died when he was eleven years old. Her older sisters reared her. Her father and she had a tense relationship. Vincent first went to Melcombe Primary School. She went on to the ‘Fulham Gilliatt School for Girls later on. Vincent dropped out of school at the age of 16 without earning a diploma.

Work and Personal Life

  • Joyce Vincent went to London in the 1980s. She had a pleasant personality and was well-liked. Vincent met Nelson Mandela, Betty Wright, and Stevie Wonder, among others.

joyce carol vincent cause of death

  • Vincent began working as a secretary for the shipping company ‘Overseas Containers Limited‘ in 1985. She then worked for the Japanese firm ‘Itochu Corporation as well as the investment firm ‘The Law Debenture Corporation.’ Vincent spent four years in the treasury department of the prestigious professional services firm Ernst & Young.
  • Joyce Vincent left Ernst & Young in 2001. She gave no explanation for her abrupt decision. Her colleagues were taken aback by the news. There were many rumors about her departure. Some assumed she’d gotten a new job, while others assumed she was planning a trip. No one knows why she made that decision.
  • Vincent was allegedly in an abusive relationship. She moved to a domestic abuse shelter shortly after quitting her job. She also worked as a housekeeper in a low-cost hotel. Vincent never returned calls and continued to move about. She became increasingly cut off from the outside world.
  • Vincent relocated to a bedsit above London’s ‘Wood Green Shopping City’ in February 2003. The ‘Metropolitan Accommodation Trust’ owned it, and it was designed to provide housing for victims of domestic abuse. It was a one-room flat, which is relatively typical in the United Kingdom. Vincent vomited blood in November 2003 and was sent to the ‘North Middlesex Hospital.’ Her peptic ulcer was treated.
  • Joyce Vincent died in December 2003. She had asthma and a peptic ulcer. She is thought to have died as a result of complications from either of these conditions. On January 25, 2006, her body was discovered in her flat. It sparked outrage in the media, as the death had gone unnoticed for more than two years.
  • Vincent’s body was discovered due to non-payment of rent. Benefit agencies paid half of her rent, leading officials to believe she was still alive. The flat was repossessed after the remaining rent was not paid for more than two years. When they forcibly entered her room, they discovered Joyce Vincent’s decaying body. Her dental records helped identify her.
  • Vincent was surrounded by shopping bags and wrapped Christmas gifts when he died. Although the body had a horrible odor, neighbors blamed it on the neighboring trash cans. The television was turned on, but no one seemed to mind the continual noise. There was no evidence of trespassing or a break-in.
  • Joyce’s tale Vincent was the inspiration for Carol Morley’s documentary “Dreams of a Life.” She spoke with a number of Vincent’s former acquaintances and coworkers. Vincent had always appeared to them to be upbeat and confident. Joyce Vincent’s death was unexpected, as her disappearance had gone unnoticed for almost three years.
  • Alex Marshall, a musician, wrote a song about Vincent’s life after hearing her story. The song was originally titled ‘Miss Vincent,’ but the band altered it to ‘No One Knew’ and named the band after the song’s original title.

Causes of Death

  • Joyce Vincent was a British citizen whose death went unreported for over a year. Her death became famous due to the mystery surrounding it. Vincent lived an average life when she was alive, having little contact with her family or friends.
  • Vincent’s mother died while she was young. Her father had a tense relationship with her, and she was raised by her older sisters. Vincent enrolled in many schools but dropped out without earning a diploma. She went on to work for famous firms like ‘Ernst & Young.’ She unexpectedly left her job with no explanation.

joyce carol vincent cause of death

  • Joyce Vincent was said to be in an abusive relationship at the time, prompting her to cut all links with her family and friends.
    Vincent relocated to a domestic abuse shelter after quitting her work. She had asthma and a peptic ulcer. Either of them is thought to be the cause of her death. Vincent died of natural causes, yet his death went undiscovered for two years.
  • The Metropolitan Housing Trust held the apartment where Vincent slept. Benefit agencies paid some of her rent, leading the ‘Trust’ authorities to believe she was still alive. They took possession of the flat when the remaining half of the rent was not paid for a long time. When they entered the flat, they discovered Vincent’s decaying body.
  • Her death became the news of the village, as no one had cared to check on her during this time. Her narrative has influenced musicians and filmmakers.
  • Housing inspectors seized the home after two years of overdue rent totaling £2,400.
  • In 2006, bailiffs entered the flat and discovered her body. The television and heating were kept on but not turned off due to debt forgiveness and automatic bill payments.
  • Rent arrears were not detected until after Vincent’s death, according to the Metropolitan Housing Trust, because housing assistance covered the cost of rent for a long time after his death. In the two years leading up to her death, nobody alerted the trust about the woman’s actions.
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