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Is Olivia Rodrigo Dating Anyone? Dating History & Ex-Boyfriends From Ethan Wacker To Joshua Bassett


There’s been a lot of speculation about Olivia Rodrigo’s partner and who she’s dating since the release of her 2021 song “Driver’s License.” Rodrigo made her Hollywood debut in 2019 as the lead in Disney+’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, but it wasn’t until the release of “Driver’s License,” a breakup ballad rumored to be about her co-star Joshua Bassett, and her debut album, Sour, that she established herself as the superstar we know today.

Rodrigo revealed why most of her songs are about love in an interview with The Guardian in May 2021. “I’m a teen girl, and I write about things that I’m really passionate about—and I’m incredibly passionate about heartbreak and longing—and I think that’s honest and normal.” I’m not sure what people expect me to write about; do you want me to create a song on income taxes, for example? She wondered aloud.

Is Olivia Rodrigo Dating Anyone? Dating History & Ex-Boyfriends From Ethan Wacker To Joshua Bassett

How am I going to compose an emotional song about that?

Olivia Rodrigo believes her music has such a strong emotional resonance with listeners because she sings about emotions that aren’t typically discussed. “I’m particularly happy with the fact that this record deals about feelings that are difficult to talk about or aren’t really socially acceptable, especially for girls: rage, envy, spite, melancholy, and they’re frowned upon as nasty and moaning and complaining or anything.” “However, I believe these are both valid emotions,” she added.

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Who is Olivia Rodrigo’s boyfriend, and is she currently seeing someone?

Olivia Rodrigo is quickly becoming a national name because of the success of her song ‘Drivers License,’ which is rumored to be about an ex-boyfriend, but who is she dating?

Olivia Rodrigo’s breakthrough single catapulted her into the international spotlight at the start of 2021, and with such acclaim for a song about heartbreak comes a lot of interest in her personal life.

After becoming close while working on High School Musical: The Musical – The Series, the ‘Drivers License’ hitmaker was rumored to be dating Joshua Bassett in 2020, and before that she was in a relationship with another Disney star Ethan Wacker.

Olivia is only 19 years old, yet she appears to be having the time of her life as a teen at the top of the charts.

Olivia Rodrigo Dating History

Olivia Rodrigo and Adam Faze

During the summer of 2021, word spread that Olivia had been dating music producer Adam Faze ‘for a few months.’

Olivia reportedly introduced Adam ‘as her boyfriend’ at the Space Jam 2 premiere party on June 30, causing everyone to believe that the couple is official!

Is Olivia Rodrigo Dating Anyone? Dating History & Ex-Boyfriends From Ethan Wacker To Joshua Bassett

In a video shot by a fan this summer, they were also seen holding hands and appearing quite close.

Page Six obtained photographs of the couple looking very loved up as they embraced in public in late November. On a day out in Los Angeles, the brilliant duo was seen locking lips while wearing their PDAs.

However, just seven months after they were first seen together, news of their break-up began to surface in February 2022.

“They’ve been over for a while now,” an insider told People.

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Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo

Both Olivia and Joshua have been mum on whether they were ever dating, but many were convinced it was about her HSMTHTS co-star Josh after she released ‘Drivers License.’

They met when they started filming the show in 2019, playing on-screen lovebirds Nini and Ricki, and it didn’t take long for fans to fall in love with them in real life.

It’s widely assumed that they had a brief relationship that ended in 2020 after only a few months.

Olivia’s first song and Josh’s brief close friendship/rumored romance with Sabrina Carpenter sparked a whole love triangle idea, but if you’ve been living under a rock, we’ve got all the details here.

Ethan Wacker and Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia dated Ethan Wacker, a co-star on the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark, after they worked together on the show.

Is Olivia Rodrigo Dating Anyone? Dating History & Ex-Boyfriends From Ethan Wacker To Joshua Bassett

They met when the show first aired in 2016, but things appeared to take a love turn in 2018 — they even went on vacation together – and they made their relationship public six months later.

They supposedly dated for less than a year before splitting up, but neither side has commented on their relationship, and only a few photos of PDA remain on their individual Instagram accounts.

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Conan Gray and Olivia Rodrigo

Some fans were made to assume that Olivia and Conan Gray shared more than just a lovely friendship, but this is not the case!

Despite the long-running rumors, it’s widely assumed that the two are nothing more than friends and collaborators – they were even seen in the studio together in March.

When Taylor Swift released her re-recordings of “Fearless,” the two budding stars teamed together, starring in videos together singing along to her unreleased tracks — talk about a bonding moment!

On Conan’s 23rd birthday, the ‘good 4 u’ singer only had kind words for him, writing on Instagram, “Happy birthday beautiful cone.”

“I love you more than anyone has ever loved anyone,” they say, indicating they’re unquestionably best friends!

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